The Santa Claus Parade, Toronto

This weekend, Toronto provided me with entertainment in the form of The Santa Claus Parade.  I must say I woke up feeling a little “meh” about the whole thing and spent the morning convincing myself to go.I am glad I did. I met a couple of the Brits (well, folks from Manchester) and we stood waiting patiently for it to get to us. Luckily, it was a warm (ish) and sunny day, with blue skies. The streets were lined with people sat in chairs they had brought with them for the occasion.

This is the 111th year of the parade which has continued to run in all weathers. I was excited to read that Santa has arrived in sleighs pulled by real reindeer – this year it was somewhat more modern and he was on a truck with plastic reindeer.

The parade itself lasted for an hour and forty five minutes. If I am honest, I would have enjoyed it more if it was a little shorter with smaller gaps between floats. There were clowns, and police displays, lots of people dressed as different and random animals, A LOT of marching bands, cartoon characters, kids dressed as flowers (?!), gymnastic type troups and horses. Oh, and Mrs Claus with her own float followed closely by Santa himself!

 The marching bands were fantastic. There were a lot of them, but no other floats seemed to provide music which caused quite a few silent gaps when some random kids just wandered by occasionally shouting Merry Christmas into the crowds standing in the sunshine. The marching bands made the whole thing festive and there was a great tinkly rendition of jingle bells near the end.

  I didnt get the relevance of some of the animals and the countless flowers… I would have liked a bit more Christmas music and santa costumes and hats! I did get to see pom poms – it went a little way towards making up for the lack of pom poms at the raptors game. There were also gingerbread floats, festive Tim Hortons, Ronald McDonald on a segway, Blue Jays, Raptors and Maple Leafs.

 With aching feet, I make my way home ready for bed and a good sleep. Far too much excitement (look, look!), anticipation (wheres Santa?), standing and drama (whats that? Is it a rabbit? Why are people dressed as rabbits? Where is the Christmas stuff? Apparently they were Sasquatches?!) for a Sunday afternoon.



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