Basketball: Toronto Raptors vs New York Knicks

In this evenings sporting news, I went to a Knicks game.  Basketball.  It was Toronto Raptors vs New York Knicks.  I fancied a basketball game to see what it was like, but didnt know what team to see…. The only team I have heard of the the Knicks from watching shows such as Sex and the city, so a Knicks game it was.  Obviously supporting Toronto though.  Although, may need to rethink this! 

 I was excited about seeing the cheerleaders and had high hopes for  some pom poms, cheerleader pyramids and maybe some flaming baton twirling.  It was not to be and the cheerleaders just danced in formation.  The music was catchy and cheesy.  Despite my disappointment at the lack of Bring it on style party tricks, I felt strangely jealous and feel it may have ignited some deep seated aspirations to be a Cheerleader.  A few more sit ups and its game on!   

 The basketball itself was good to watch.  It didnt draw me in the same as hockey and baseball though.  Baseball is still my number 1.  The game was a little slow and, whilst I enjoyed the evening and would go again, I wont be rushing to buy season tickets.  I have come away with a good basic understanding and short term disappointment at the Raptors losing.  The thing I have discovered about basketball is that they can have a million time outs throughout the game.   This caused the last 25 seconds to last about 15 mins!! The last time out was at 3 seconds and I amazed that the Raptors did score in this remaining time when play resumed.  The last five mins of play time was exciting and incredibly close.  For the final quarter, I was invested in the game and eager for a win. The fans had absolute faith in their team to win it back right up until the last 1.7 seconds of play.

The game started with the national anthem, sung by man which was a nice change.  There was no sport specific song such as “The good old hockey song” or “OK Blue Jays”.  I did enjoy the music and a small amount of pyrotechnics at the start.    With it being November 11th tomorrow, it was nice that there were a number of War Veterans attending and a silence at the beginning to commemorate their service and Rememberance Day. 



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