Friday Night at the ROM

Last night, my room mate organised to go to the Royal Ontario Museum with some of her friends.  They have Friday night events where you get to have drinks and food and potter around the museum.  There are stands with food from different countries, desserts and drinks.  There was music and dancing, bright lights and lots of people.  The people were random and in so many different levels of dressed up.   

 I am not usually interested in museums (unless related to prisons, sharks or murder), however, with drinks, food and music, it was a great night out.  It makes the museum more interesting.  We saw all the diamonds, the stuffed animals and some horns that reminded me of an episode of Dexter.   

 Before we went in, we were asked for ID and some bags were searched.  Aside from this, I was surprised how little visible secuirty there was.  If you supply alcohol to a group of Plymothians and then put them in a museum, things may not end in such a civilised fashion.  After the museum, we went to a New Zealand bar called Hemmingways.  An enjoyable girls night of entertainment with some good company, and I am looking forward to going again.  On a side note, maybe this is the place to meet my husband?   



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