Halloween in Canada

Another event in Canada – my first Halloween here.  I don’t normally celebrate Halloween much as I am rarely in the mood to dress up – I would rather just put a pretty dress on.  I am also a bit of a bah humbug with Halloween and just feel a bit irritated that I might be expected to give away chocolate to some random kids! 

 Three of the Brits that live in the same house had a party and I dressed up in school uniform for the event.  It was great fun – a quick game of Telestrations to start the night, drinking games revolving around flipping cups and guessing games, random people appearing, an assault on Matts bedroom door to try and wake him up, someone wearing a pumpkin on their head, an alley for sickness, a dirty pint, chocolate, pizza, masks, debating drinking a pint through a bobble hat and good new friends.  

Whilst we do celebrate Halloween in England, the costumes and volume of people around was crazy and they go all out with decorating their houses and front gardens.  My room mate turned our living room into a Halloween wonderland for the past 10 days which I enjoyed – I woke up this morning and it was all gone.  I kind of miss the skeleton already.



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