What is left of Home as I know it?

Much as the thought of leaving Canada horrifies me right now, I do sometimes think about living in England again one day. Who knows where I will end up?  The thing that has occured to me though is that there isnt actually a home as I know it to return to.  In a way, I suppose I thought that it would be like pausing England.  

With work, so many people have moved on, I dont know most of the newbies.  I do have some friends left there, but will the jail even be there when I go back for a visit? Let alone if / when I move back to England.

With friends, there have been break ups and marriages, in fact, the same with family.  I guess the next thing will be more babies and finalised divorces. 

Highfield, a friend has moved on to the street and Mr Jinx now calls a different house home.  

The farm has no sheep and the good cows have gone. From the pictures sent by sibling today, the roasts still look deliciously the same.  Mylo has grown from the pictures and videos and has probably become a farm cat.  She used to talk to me, I wander if she still remembers my voice?

The other weird thing is that people are starting to look different in pictures now – they are aging.  It sounds soon to say, but I am noticing that people look older and are all crossing over from the 20s and settling in to 30s.  It is really strange to notice, after all it has only been six months.

Sibling has a house that I havent seen since before they had the keys.  When I next see her, she could well also have a fiance.  Best friend from primary school also has a house that I have never seen.  I suspect it wont be long before she has a baby as well.  If she read this, she would hit me.  Actually hit me.

I still speak to everyone at home lots, but the talk is becoming a bit less frequent.  The times that I realise I have missed a part of a story or someones life are more often as we dont see each other everyday to share every little detail.  There is no lunchtime silliness lying giggling on the floor of the office, giggling on the floor at pole, giggling on the floor at the gym or in the sauna/ jacuzzi.  Why have I spent so much time giggling on various floors?!  I also kind of miss Saturday night bickering over whether to go to Oceana, Flares or Revs, inevitably ending in a Union Rooms compromise, providing cheap enough wine to end the night in Two Trees.  Speaking of Two Trees, is it weird to want to hear a Janner accent from time to time?

Looking back at this, I feel happy nostalgia, then I think about going home, then I feel panic at leaving here! Despite all the fun memories, I have also made so many here.  Exploring the sights, giggling over photo taking, feeling at home in the bar, showing people around The Beaches proudly, the excitement of meeting new friends and a little bit of nervousness whilst I hold back and see how unPC I can get away with being!  I have loved meeting random people I wouldnt normally have met and greeting new friends like old friends.  I feel like I have been here for years, and I feel like I have known some of these friends just as long.   


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