Autumn (Fall) changes

After a day spent mostly stuck in the inefficient street car diversion/ replacement bus system yesterday, today I decided to stay local.  I went for a nice Sunday walk at Glen Manor Ravine, down to Queen Street East, through Kew Gardens and along the Boardwalk.  The leaves have changed colours and the scenery was lovely.  A perfect Sunday afternoon stroll. 

  It has changed so much in the past month since I went there with Dad.

 After coming home, I text my lovely neighbour and off we went for warm beverage and a chocolate brownie at the Bean, followed by another stroll along the Boardwalk and skimming stones in the lake.

The beach now has a fence up so dogs can be off leash south of the fence from November and apparently it is also to stop snow blowing on to the Boardwalk.  The size of the fence has reignited my excitment for the volume of snow I am hoping for.  It is cold enough some mornings for a frost and I love the crisp fresh air that is becoming more frequent.  It is such a cosy and happy feeling when you walk around all wrapped up and then come into the warm. 

Anyway, as Sundays go, I think I did pretty well with this one.   





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