Things to Do: A review of my To Do list, with some new adventures added

I thought with my recent thoughts around reviewing where I am at, it would be a good time to also review my to do list.  I had a list called ‘Things to do in Toronto’  (original post here) that was actually more of a things to do in and around Canada and a food to do list as well (original post here).

So, left to do on my food list…. not much… reindeer, sugar pie, rappie pie and Prince Edward Island potatoes.  The sugar pie is one for when I get to Montreal and the potato based ones are for further East, so I just need to find somewhere in The Beaches/ Toronto that I can buy some Rudolph to eat.

What is left on the tourist list… a lot more and I have some new things to add….

TORONTO and surrounding area

  • Mick and Angelos – Man Vs Food place near Niagara Falls
  • CN Tower – edge walk  (second tallest tower in the world at 553.33m high)
  • O’Noir Restaurant
  • Algonquin Provincial Park – canoeing, dog sledding, log cabins
  • Haliburton Forest – walk in the clouds canopy tour
  • Santas Village  NEW
  • Screaming Heads, Burks Falls  NEW
  • Hamilton trails and waterfalls  NEW



  • Shrine Circus
  • The Expat Show at Bad Dog Theatre – 3rd Monday of the month
  • There are also quite a few runs that I would like to do… gotta get at least one Canadian medal on my travels


  • New York – Everything
  • Chicago   NEW  – Millennium Park, 360 Tower, Willis Tower, Shedd Aquarium?
  • San Francisco – Alcatraz   NEW
  • Newfoundland – Icebergs and whales
  • Nova Scotia – Titanic Maritime Museum and Cabot Trail
  • British Columbia
  • Ottawa – Skate on Rideau Canal, Hostel that used to be a jail, Nordik Spa, Hogs Back Falls, Rideau Falls, Mounted Police place, Bate Island, Alexandra Bridge


  • See a beaver/ moose/ bear in the wild
  • Horse riding
  • Go to a Rodeo – maybe this one – Ultimate Rodeo Tour
  • Swim with Beluga Whales
  • Visit the Polar Bear reserve in Churchill, Manitoba and see the Northern Lights
  • See the house from Anne of Green Gables at Prince Edward Island
  • Stay in a cabin  NEW
  • Visit Manitoulin Island  NEW



2 thoughts on “Things to Do: A review of my To Do list, with some new adventures added

  1. I love your list!!! Things I have enjoyed on it:
    -O’Noir – the veggie pasta and cheesecake is divine
    -Screaming heads – there are events there in the grounds a few times a year if you can make the trip at the right time
    -Algonquin National Park – you also seem like a big fan of the outdoors so you will love it. A lot of routes/sections of the park are closed for cars in the winter though
    -Out of your “other places to visit” you definitely have to visit BC! Jasper, Banff, Calgary and Vancouver are all amazing places. If you are considering a road trip, from Calgary through the Canadian Rockies to Vancover is an incredible route 🙂


  2. I love this too! Especially the potatoes! I think this must take top priority if you can find some as the plain old ‘russet’ I have found in BC is described as soft and floury and it most certainly isn’t! My roast potatoes are just not translating across the pond!

    I need to make a to see list but Algonquin is definitely on there and Newfoundland, Nova Scotia but I second Banff and Jaspar. They are stunning!


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