My first Thanksgiving

This weekend is a long one for Thanksgiving and I invited some of the Brits for dinner yesterday.  A Brit from Brighton, (who is here on same visa as me) that I met before leaving the UK has come to stay for a few days to see Toronto, so there were six of us for dinner. 

Having never cooked for this many people, or cooked roast potatoes or meat in a convector oven – I think we did a pretty good job.  We had turkey, veg including the traditional butternut squash, potatoes and delicious English Bisto.  For dessert, my friend brought a Pumpkin Pie which is the traditional Thanksgiving dessert, served with cream and ice cream.  It was nice, but a bit too cinnamoney for me.  It was like having Christmas on a random day that isnt Christmas! 

 After dinner, we played scatagories and engaged in banter and hamster watching.  Full and starting to get sluggish, we went for a walk on the beach in the hope of a beach sunset.    It was strange going outside as I expected it to be like Christmas, bumping into odd people to trade festive pleasantries and see kids out with their new bikes and toys.   

 The sunset was not to be as the sun was not setting on the beach, but we managed to see it setting over the Toronto skyline near Woodbine.  It was a lovely end to the day sitting at the top of the grassy bank watching the end of the sunset, taking pictures and watching the boys rolling/ racing down the steep grass bank.   



One thought on “My first Thanksgiving

  1. Ahhh I’m glad you made an occasion of it! I went to a Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday and another one yesterday but it was essentially just a meal. We didn’t play games and they only spoke about being thankful after I prompted them to! I thought there would be more to it but I guess my perceptions are based on American pop culture

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