Hamster babies 

When you buy a hamster and specifically ask if there is any chance she could be pregnant, the last thing you expect is to come home from a day out running errands 6 days later to find she has given birth to some naked alien looking babies.  
Now, for some reason, I had alarm bells going off and did do some googling about the signs of pregnant hamsters. It was just a gut feeling. It said they nest and store food – hamsters do that anyway, gain weight – she is only four months old, so I put it down to growing up and that they are aggressive before and after birthing – she wasnt then and isnt now. Anyway, I went to the shop to buy her some new toys and treats on Saturday, came home to put them in and she had given birth to at least six babies!   

Very cute and exciting! Mother and babies all well so far!  



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