Goodlife v Nuffield

There is something a little special about Nuffield, Plymouth and I was terribly sad to say goodbye to it.  There have been ups and downs – the excessive amount of children and the time they stopped putting fresh flowers in reception, oh and when they stopped giving us towels.  We all love a good moan in the sauna or jacuzzi, but those who leave seem to come back, apart from those of us who have to try and replace it.  I know, it is “just a gym”, but I have spent so many hours of my life and met some great friends there, it is so much more fun than just being a gym!  It isnt every gym that you can sit around enjoying lattes after circuits, go to Nandos with the girls after classes and find trainers that know you well enough to really push your motivation buttons – nice encouragement will not work for this cake lover!

Given how much fun I have had over the years with the Nuffield lot, I have obviously had some concerns about finding a new gym.

I have finally joined one – Goodlife.  Same classes – Les Mills of course, same machines which is nice and familiar, about the same price – though this gives me access to any Goodlife so I can pop in to other locations if I want a pool which mine does not have.  It even has a juice bar, so hopefully I will make some friends and there is somewhere to sit together.  This said, I havent actually managed to speak to anyone yet.  It is early days, though and I am optimistic that I will soon be sat in the Sauna putting the world to rights and sharing dating dramas.  Aside from positive comparisons already noted, they gave me a bag, a tshirt and a water bottle – who doesnt love a freebie?!

Will it live up to the high standards I need?  Watch this space….. So far though, it feels so good to be back in a gym!  This eating merry-go-round had to end somewhere and I am now back in the game! 



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