With our last full day before D-Day, we hired a car again and headed slightly north for a spot of shooting at Target Sports in Gormley, North of Markham.  As we pulled up, we knew we were at the right place as you could hear the gunshots from the car park.   

 There was a price list with all the different guns and we could see the range with booths and targets set up like on TV.  Very exciting!  I always remember, years ago, Brie on Desperate Housewives going to a range and have wanted to go ever since.  There were some big guns like you would see Arnie walking out of an explosion shooting with… The lady said that we wouldnt be able to spray the bullets in quite such a spectular fashion, so we opted for smaller guns.  There was also no shooting with a gun in each hand or opportunity to run or hang out of a moving car shooting! 

 Anyway, we chose to have 50 shots each with a Glock handgun and 10 with a Smith and Wesson magnum cow boy style pistol.  We had a little classroom session on how to hold it, safety and practising holding the gun before popping on some goggles and ear protectors, choosing our targets and heading for the shooting area.

I preferred the Glock and dad preferred the Smith and Wesson – I think he felt like a cow boy with it. I was surprised how much kickback/ recoil there was, with both guns and felt my whole body jerking back as I pulled the trigger.  We did some one handed shooting as well.  We giggled our way through the whole experience like a pair of school children. 

How did we do?  I am pleased to say that pretty much all of the bullets hit the target.  There were a couple of unaccounted for shots, they could have been way off or gone through the same spots in the target as it was hard to tell.   

 Once upon a time, many moons ago…. I did shooting with Pony Club and loved it, I remember why and now feel like I want to go buy a gun and join a club! 

 What do you do after an exciting visit to a shooting range?  Head for Tim Hortons for a chilli and a muffin. I am still amazed every time I spend money in there – bottle of water, two chillis with rolls, coffee and a muffin was the equivalent of about £7.  

We drove through Unionville before heading back.  It was a lovely little area with a water wheel on the cafe and lots of cute little shops.  Unfortunately, due to an unnecessary amount of rain, we were not able to leave the car for a leisurely stroll as planned.


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