A list of random occurences

Dad bought me flowers.  I love getting flowers.   I wish everyone  I know would put their names on a rota to ensure I regularly get bought flowers.

  The Gooderham Building – we walked past this very narrow building.  

 Beavertail – I took Dad on a trek tp try Beavertail.  As always, it was delicious.  We had the Skor one – deep fried pastry thing with caramel sauce, a white sauce of some sort and crushed up Skor bar. They are opening a permanent one on the harbourfront.  This makes me happy.

Hudsons Bay – this is a big department store.  I would say it is like Dingles (House of Fraser), but on a much bigger scale.  They have a christmas department all year round.  I bought a new decoration for the tree that I dont have.  There was no christmas music playing which was a little disappointing after my initial excitement.  

 St Lawrence Market – a big market with lots of different foods that you can buy cooked to eat, fresh fruit and veg, flowers, meats, cheeses etc.  A nice place to potter around with an extra Farmers Market bit on Saturdays. 


Girl guide cookies – these were on my list of foods to eat in Canada.  This week, we popped into the bar and someone had a box.  They were delicious mint chocolaate biscuits.  Apparently the spring ones are better, but I was delighted with these!  



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