High Park, Toronto

Today, we travelled West.  We hopped on the TTC for an hour and arrived on the other side of Toronto by a lovely park.  It turned out to be a gorgeous sunny day, perfect for walking and sitting in the park – with ice cream, chips and candy floss of course!

 There was a Zoo.  There were some huuuuge bison, reindeers and various sheep, cows and birds.  Oh and llamas.  The petting bit where you get to touch the llamas was closed.  I just want to pet some animals, but Toronto does not seem conjusive to this plan.  This is my third Zoo and na-da.  It was a nice little bit to walk through anyway.  Though the reindeer werent too happy and one was charging at the fence when anyone stopped to look.  Perhaps his zoo days are over?  My list of foods to try in Canada did include reindeer…. Or perhaps he could just retire to a nice farm with no public. 

 There was a tomb erected in 1890 that was surrounded by railings brought over from St Pauls Cathedral in London.  It was called the Howard Memorial after the guy that founded High Park. 

I wanted to feed the tame squirrels and only had miniature Coffee Crisps and Smarties.  Turns out, they enjoy both.  Check out the little dude in the picture munching on a green Smartie. 

 After walking around, we just sat in the sun on the grass.  Around the corner from where we were sat, some people were playing irish folk music and dancing.  It was lovely and relaxing to hear the music from where we were.  What a lush day! 



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