CN Tower

We made it to the CN Tower and were took a trip to the top.  Bundled into the lift in an experience similar to the Skylon Tower, we enjoyed views out across the city during the ascent.  Dad held on to the side as though that might help stay alive if we plummeted to the ground.  I really enjoyed the ride up and down in the lift and would have liked to have done this a couple more times.

From the top – there was a level with windows to look out of and a slightly lower level that was outdoors with guard rails as a barrier to avoid any falls or jumps.  There was a great view over the city and of Toronto Islands.  We could also see the Rogers Centre with the roof open and a Jays game in progress. 

 The glass floor – the glass floor was pretty cool and I did have to give it some consideration and a tentative walk out on to it before I was happy to potter about on it freely.  I am pleased to say, after the silliness in the lift, Dad walked out on the glass floor as well. 

 It was kind of difficult to find our way down and out of the place, but we made it!  A great experience, though it doesnt rate in my top Canada experiences so far.  I have had some amazing experiences here, so it will take a lot to get up there I guess.  The problem with the CN Tower is that the main thing you (well, I) take photos of in Toronto is the beach and the CN Tower.  From up the CN Tower you cant see either!

Tower comparison – As towers go, the Skylon Tower is better value for money with truly spectacular views.  The Eiffel Tower is scarier and actually felt higher!  



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