Sports Fans: Blue Jays and Maple Leafs

We have enjoyed engaging in some sporting events over the past few days.  Before Dad arrived, I got tickets for us to see the baseball and the hockey during his visit.

Neither of us are big fans of sport really, despite what Canadians believe about all Brits being football (soccer) fans.  Despite this, I seem to have suddenly become a bit of a follower.

The biggest things that struck me were….

  • How patriotic everyone is with both sports.  They stand, remove caps and sing the Oh Canada anthem before each game.  Watch to the end (if they will upload here) of the clips and see how crazy everyone goes!  I love it!
  • And, how the fans were so civilised.  Sports matches at home come with horror stories and contingency plans to ensure fans dont mix and behave like unsporting, uncivilised hooligans

Blue Jays vs Red Sox.  Baseball.

We spent the week before the game grilling one of the locals in the bar to get a good grasp of the game and went with a relatively good understanding.  The Blue Jays have been doing well lately, so Torontonians have been buzzing with excitment.  They won the game on Friday, so we were anticipating a win on Saturday.  We arrived early to go to the shop and purchase a Blue Jays shirt for Dad so we could blend in with locals.  Got some (delicious) burgers and got to our seats early.  It was a slow start, but a close and exciting last few innings, sadly ending with a win for the Red Sox.  Such fun! Cant wait to go again!

 Maple Leafs vs Senators.   Hockey.
After our excitement over the first sporting adventure, we embaked on our next event, the hockey.  We didnt do much preparation for this one, but I found it easier to pick up what was going on.  Tho, it was a little confusing figuring out why some of the pushing and shoving was allowed and not other bits.  Also, they seemed to just swap with team members not on the ice willy nilly whenever they felt like it. There was more fighting and aggression than I expected, but I must confess enjoy the drama of a quick punch up on the ice!  They even took their gloves off for one occurance of fisticuffs, then both got made to sit in a box that looked like they had been sent to the Headmasters office.  I was a little disappointed to hear that they dont actually dislike each other and still do the nice Canadian thing of being friends later.  I wanted longstanding grudges and bitter feuds. I was prepared and took knee high socks and hoody – not prepared enough and had to purchase myself a Maple Leafs scarf and Tim Hortons hot chocolate to keep warm.  Another thoroughly enjoyable event, made even better by the fact that THEY WON – 4:1. 

Im not sure which I prefer, but know that I definitely want to follow both for the foreseeable.  In fact, I feel quite excited about my new interests.


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