Wasaga, Barrie, Simcoe and Innisfil Cattle Market

Since coming back from Niagara Falls, we have had baking hot weather. Wednesday was a good day for a beach day and a swim in a the lake.  Dinner at a restaurant down the road, The Beacher Cafe, was absolutely delicious (we will be going back), followed by a short walk to get an Eds for dessert. 

 We hired a car yesterday and went to Ontario Stockyard cattle auction in Innisfil.  It was good fun walking around trying to pet the cows and a sheep in pens and walking on the walkway above the pens.  It is rare to find animals as friendly as our own, so I only managed to make friends with one cow and a random goat.  The smell of cows was nice and familiar.  The locals looked at us with suspician the whole time, apart from the one friendly old chap who tried to recruit me as a bride for his grandson in Alberta!  I took some baling twine –  you dont realise until you dont live on a farm how useful this stuff is to have around!  Dad was loving it taking photos and inspecting the cows and trucks.

Next stop on the agenda… Barrie.  We chuckled our way there with a few Gavin and Stacey jokes…. Barrie ISLAND.  Barrie is much bigger than the seaside village I was expecting.  We had lunch and chatted to a friendly Welsh couple that have been here for seven years.  Reassuringly, they said that whilst it is extremely cold in winter, it is not like the wet cold to your bones of the UK.  
We went to the beach at Centennial Park in Barrie and had a swim in Lake Simcoe.  The water was gorgeous, sparkling and clear.  A lovely setting and I would definitely go there again for a beach day.  We went to find the Barrie Bucket jail that has been closed since 2001.  We found it and it seems it is now inhabited by the transport police, so no peering through windows or wandering around could be done. 

 Next stop…. Wasaga Beach.  This is credited with being the worlds longest freshwater beach with the water of Lake Huron.  This was a lovely little seaside area, similar to Challaborough.  I had hoped we would have a little swim, but despite the perfect powdery white sand and picturesque views, the water was as clear as mud.  It was swirled with sand and dirt.  After the lovely water in Barrie, ankle deep was enough for me.  We had a milkshake and headed for Hockley Valley. 

 Hockley Valley is where I stayed when I first got to Canada.  Unfortunately, it was getting late.  I hadnt had a reply from Trish about visiting (until we were nearly home) and the village store/ cafe was closed.  It was still nice to have a drive through the area though before heading home.

Today.  We are tired after yesterdays excitment and are spending the day on the beach at home.



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