When Dad came to Town: Day 2 – Toronto Islands, Eaton Centre, Dundas

Yesterday we had a fantastic day and went off to visit Toronto Islands.  Dad was excited about trying out the Streetcars so luckily, our day began with a Streetcar to the ferry downtown.  Whilst waiting for the ferry to the islands, we went and got Tim Hortons.  It seems like forever ago that Trish took me for that first hot chocolate, but a crucial part of the induction into Canada.  The ferry ride across was fantastic with stunning views of the Toronto Skyline.  The pictures speak for themselves. 

 On the islands, we decided to hire a quadricycle to get around.  This was sooooo much fun.  We had a little bell and a basket on the front and off we went!  We cycled down to Wards Island beach.  We spent a good amount of this time, ringing the bell and waving at other cyclists, stopping to take photos, giggling at attempting some uphill off-roading that went very wrong and perfecting the art of using it like a Flintstone vehicle to reverse – with our feet pushing off the floor.  Oh how we chuckled. 

 When cycling back to the other side of the islands, we stopped and saw Gibraltar Point Lighthouse.  It is supposedly haunted by a lighthouse keeper that was murdered there.  It is one of the cities oldest surviving buildings and has been there since 1808.  Unfortunately, you cant go inside, so we took some photos and boarded our quadricycle to continue our travels.

Our travels took us in search of an ice cream.  On the way, we stopped off at Hanlans Point.  Now, Hanlans Point is a ‘clothing optional beach’.  People have told me that when they have been, noone was actually naked.  Taking this into consideration, I thought we would be able to take a look and some photos.  This is a fully naked beach.  We retreated rapidly and continued the quest for ice cream.  Of course, as would happen to the Griswolds, after cycling a few km in the heat in search of ice cream, the cafe was closed.  We returned to island base, sadly gave up our wheels and had an ice cream there.

Before leaving the islands, we went to see Far Enough Farm petting zoo.  I was sad to read that this place is at risk of closing as I enjoyed petting the sheep, seeing the goats playing in their enclosure and attempting to get the horses to come over and say hello.  I did manage to find some cats to pet and dad annoyed a giant pig by patting it on the back to encourage signs of life. 

 We were rather tired by this point, so took the ferry back and went to see the Eaton Centre. We got Dad kitted out in a Roots jumper – authentic Canadian attire and then walked through a bit of the P.A.T.H, had more Tim Hortons, walked through Dundas Square down Yonge Street towards the Streetcar.  How many tourist spots can we tick off in one sentence?!

Heading down Yonge Street, we stopped outside the Elgin Theatre as it is Toronto International Film Festival Week and there was a red carpet and some small crowds forming.  We heard Sandra Bullock and George Clooney were in the area and quite fancied meeting them.  We think Sandra Bullock would be lovely and would enjoy meeting us as much as we fancied meeting her.  It was not to be and we got the packed Streetcar back The Beaches.

Our busy, but thoroughly enjoyable day ended with pub grub at the bar and an introduction to lots of the locals.  A really nice evening to round off the days adventures. 



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