When Dad came to town… Day 1

I am really enjoying my job, but couldnt wait for Wednesday to end.  The bus home involved frequent checking of Toronto Airports arrivals.  To my annoyance at 6.04pm, they updated.  Dad was due at 6.05pm, so I had ages to wait for the next update! Eventually, landed. Contact was established and I hovered by my front door waiting excitedly until he appeared.  This involved about 30 minutes of standing at the door, by which point, some people had passed by more than once and I was beginning to feel a little odd.  A ha! There he is! It has only been four months, so luckily no major changes – though he does appear to have spruced up his wardrobe and become a little leaner. 

After giving Dad his itinerary and receiving my special parcel of English goods, we went for a little walk along the beach, said hello to a few friends as we passed the bar on the way home, and then had some much needed sleep after travel (Dad) and excitement (me). 

 Yesterday was a good day with lots of walking.  We started the day with Aunt Jemimas pancakes and then a visit to the Water Treatment Plant and the beach down that way.  Completely empty, sunny and gorgeous.  The beach was having a perfect day. What am I saying?  The beach here is always perfect!  Thats why I am always taking so many photos of it! 

 After a quick pit stop at the apartment, we set off again this time heading West.  We took a stroll to see the AirBnB Dad is booked in to next week and just generally wandered to establish some landmarks.  One key landmark is Eds Real Scoop where we stopped to get some milkshakes. 

We had a lovely stroll down Glen Manor Ravine which connects Kingston Road and Queen Street East.  Took some pictures and generally admired the lack of litter and McDonalds wrappers that one can usually expect to see in nature areas in Plymouth.   It was a really lovely place to wall through and I will definitely be doing it again.

 We walked to Kew Gardens, stopped off to say hello to the squirrels and visited the fairy tree before walking back along the boardwalk, with a nice sit on the bench by Leuty Lifeguard Station.  I found a nice article on the fairy tree when I googled it that was in the Toronto Star, click here to read it.

Hungry by this point, we went to a little restaurant nearby called ViVetha for dinner.  I have fancied going since I moved here and was not disappointed – the food was tasty and we came away full and ready to sleep.  



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