Empire, Spiegelworld Canada

Finally having my laptop from home (the arrival of the laptop and the parent are another story), I am able to delete photos from my phone and transfer to laptop/ USB.  Before doing this, I feel I must share these photos and a review of the amazing show I went to see last week.

We went to see the Empire show by Spiegelworld Canada.  They describe themselves as “Smashing through the borders of comedy, circus, vaudeville and burlesque, EMPIRE presents the sexiest most daring artists from across the globe”.

It was absolutely brilliant and I cannot emphasize enough how much I enjoyed it and can recommend it.  I had seen the show was coming to Toronto before I left the UK and took a chance getting tickets for a certain someones birthday in the hope it would also be up his street… luckily it was! 

 The show was in a pop up tent down in Downtown Toronto.  This is definitely one of those shows where you must be careful not to make eye contact with the cast if you do not want to engage in audience participation!  Luckily, we had a great view, but were a few rows back.

The show opened with a contortionist in a big clear globe coming down from the ceiling.  There were amazing dancers doing acrobatic/ bendy flexy type dancing etc and a fantastic balancing act that must be seen to be believed.  There was also a foot juggler.  Now, I have seen foot jugglers before, but this guy was foot juggling a human being! 

 I dont normally like the clown type person in circuses or shows, but this guy was brilliant, climbing on top of audience members and engaging in general tomfoolery. This involved taking selfies on people phones, putting his balls (tennis) and bum in their faces and using hilarious facial expressions to entertain.  He also did some amazing acts with hoops later in the show. 

 The act that first attracted me to the show was a couple on rollerskates.  They were skating at speed on a small platform throwing each other around.  At times, she was hanging from him with her ankles around his neck whilst he spun around.  It was fantastic and did not disappoint after it was the act that drew me in.

Possibly one of my favourite acts was the hosts (Don Colliver and Jamie Franta), who were hosts and clowns all in one.  I could have watched them for hours!  They did a quick change act and generally engaged in hilarity bringing tears to my eyes.  At one point they were spitting bits of bananas out of their mouths and catching each others (disgustingly entertaining), he ended up fully naked during a quick change, she grabbed a poor man from the audience and did some sort of strip whilst clambering on him and, well, at one point she sniffed his shoes.  They sang and looked like they were having an awesome time!  If I can see them again anywhere, I will definitely be making the effort to do so.

If you are in Toronto, you must go and see this show! If not, get on youtube!  Here is a taste… http://youtu.be/7mAT2Z3QEGU



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