The Garden

Since moving in to this apartment, I have been putting in some hours in the garden.  We are really lucky to have a good sized garden.  On arrival, it was more like a jungle.  The waist height weeds did not allow for venturing further than about a metre in.  I pulled up the weeds and spent time sectioning off the garden so I could plant grass seed and start thinking about getting some lawn growing.  I started late in the season, so it is really preparation for next summer. 

 I have previously mentioned this Canadian thing about picking up other peoples unwanted stuff off the street.  This has been a fantastic way to collect garden pots and I am gradually picking them up as I potter around so I can get some plants out there for the end of the summer.  I also picked up a garden chair to go with the other two previously unloved chairs we had, the unwanted sunlounger I picked up and wheeled part way home before giving up and boarding a street car with it, and the ‘sit down slowly because I need some TLC’ picnic table.  The garden is going to be a fabulously random creation!

I am pleased that I have now got a few flower beds marked out along the edges with Lily of the Valley that was all over the garden, now relocated in a tidy fashion with some sort of ivy I found, again all over at random, also relocated at the back of the beds.  We have some lovely terracotta pots with thyme and lavender and some other cuttings that I acquired.  The squirrels are delighted with my efforts and have shown their appreciation by digging up my plants and digging holes in my newly growing lawn.  I think Ed, the raccoon is also pleased that I have been tending the garden and left a poo on the picnic table.

I got a washing line so I can have nice fresh smelling washing (and save paying for a dryer at the laundrette) and have a hammock ready to get someone to put up for me.  My landlady seems to enjoy my garden efforts and got me some gloves and tools, grass seed, fertilizer, did some weeding and tree removal and made the fence and gate all nice so I can get in and out easier – this makes me happy.  I cant wait for the snow to kill it all off so I can start again next summer!!  Actually, next spring.  I will be prepared and raring to go as soon as the frost clears.  Next summer, that garden is the place to be.  Until then, I will continue beavering away and hoping that we continue to get rain now and then to avoid having to spend quite so much of my life watering the grass seeds! 



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