Great British BBQ

Following on from my post about the garden, last night, I had my first social event in the garden.  I say social event, because it happened and it was sociable.  On writing social event, I dont want to mislead anyone into thinking it was any sort of organised affair, I have a few lessons in planning to take away as learning points for next time!  Some of the Brits came out to the East End from Downtown and we had a little BBQ.  It was really nice to have friends over, and to use the garden.  We always seem to be outside and walking around when we get together, but it was nice that it was just our space.  In standard BBQ style, there was a dropped sausage, some ettiquette discussion over using the same cooking utensils for the meat and the vegetarian food, a marshmallow on a stick, lots of uninvited mosquitoes, the afore mentioned poo that Ed left on the picnic table and a questionable seating plan given the random assortment of furniture in various states of stability.  The only thing missing to make it a truly British BBQ was the rain.

It was nice that we could go for a walk on the beach and along the boardwalk after with an Eds ice cream (not the same Ed that pooed on the picnic table), visit the fairy house and the pavillion at Kew Gardens and stopped at some of the random fun stations along the boardwalk to play on the monkey bars and rings.   I love the photo below with everyone on the monkey bars as it was so dark, I aimed the camera and had no idea what everyone was doing until the photo took and the flash lit them up.  It was a great random moment.



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