Thinking about Winter

Before coming to Canada, I had heard that winters are cold here.  I thought hot chocolate would be in a abundance.  Being a big hot chocolate fan, I was hoping that this would be a sort of wonderful land with a whole array of flavours and makes ready to work my way through.  Alas, it is not to be.  The Tim Hortons DIY one is good, it must be said, but variety this does not give.  Hot chocolate was supposed to warm me through the winter…

I am up and down about winter.  I am nervous that it will be so cold, I wont like Canada any more.  I really hope this doesnt happen, but I have to be realistic about how I struggle with English winters and cold!  I have heard of people who have loved it until winter and then gone running home.  I figure that if I buy their uber warm attire and strap hot water bottles to me, I will be ready and prepared to manage it.

When I talk about winter with the locals, they get a sort of evil glint in their eyes.  They stop just short of actually rubbing their hands together with the glee of an evil film character.  It has been suggested that they follow me taking photos as I encounter it so that I have accurate action photographic portrayal for this blog.   They say that you open the front door and there is a wall of snow.  They say that your eye balls are cold.  They said that you go outside with no hat on, your hair gets wet and freezes into ice, then melts again when you get to work.  The weather basically turns people into human ice poles, then melts them.

Deep down, despite the horror stories, now I think about it again, I am excited about winter! The snow, a white christmas and curling up with fluffy socks and hot water bottles , perhaps baking. Yes, I shall fill the apartment with delicious warming smells of baking.   


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