Whatever happened to social conformity?

The TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) covers the buses, subways and street cars.  Until last week, I mostly just got the street car down my one easy route to a small variety of venues.  When making new friends, proximity to Queen Street is important for ease of public transport.  I like to stay within three blocks either side of Queen where possible.  Now, I got used to that route and the occasional strangeness, but the past weeks route change and hour long buses to and from work have thrown out a whole range of new weirdos!

  • The lady singing at the top of her voice at the bus stop
  • The two men who met at the bus stop, then ended up swapping cigarettes, beers and becoming firm friends!
  • The lady with the Dora the Explorer back pack and no child…
  • The bus driver who just gets off to make a call at the same spot every day
  • The lady that sat on me
  • The boy that was sat next to me picking his nose
  • There was a homeless man who had no money for a bus ticket and begged for a free ride, four pack of beer just purchased in hand.  He was let on, then thrown off for having an open can of alcohol on board
  • The lady in the onesie
  • The lady in slippers with mens boxers sticking out from her pj bottoms
  • Countless unruly children
  • The lady who told the driver loudly about her sons upcoming wedding and how rich the family he was marrying into is
  • My favourite – the little girl who high fived everyone, including the driver as she got off!

Sitting here wearing adult clothing, made for day time, performing no bodily functions, I feel rather dull. This said, I have no plans to sing, wear a onesie or emit the body odour offered by many of my fellow travellers anytime soon.  


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