“What do you miss?”

People sometimes ask me what I miss about home.  I have to say, I am still definitely in the honeymoon period with Canada and therefore, there isnt a great deal!  I am sure as time goes on, there will be some tough days.  Luckily, Dad will be arriving in 10 sleeps with essentials – the deodorant I like, my favourite cuppa soups, paracetamol etc.  In time, I will find Canadian equivalents, but I am gladly taking this opportunity to fill Dads luggage with some home comforts.

Other things I miss….  

  • Baking potatoes in the Aga
  • Roast dinners
  • Meals that come with veg, not salad
  • Sweet chilli Philadelphia
  • Boots and Superdrug!
  • Milk in plastic cartons with a lid – these silly cardboard creations or milk in bags mean you cant take it anywhere when it is open
  • Driving – only since working and I guess Ill miss this moreso as it gets colder

It goes without saying that there are friends and family I miss.  I am also realising who is important to me and who I just dont miss or have any desire to communicate with.  Not all of these are the people I expected them to be.  It is hard to stay in contact with everyone though and I hope that, just because I am not in touch all the time, people know I am still stalking them on Facebook to keep up with goings ons. 

The last couple of weeks have been hard when two close friends have been through break ups and I am not there for them.  Yes, I am on the end of a phone and Facebook and email, but it isnt the same as turning up with wine/ chocolate/ flowers/ hugs/ tissues.  I feel devastated for a friend who has been married for years, so cross and angry for her and just so sad that I cant go over there.  It is also hard for someone that has always loved a happy ending as much as I do to see two people that I thought would be together forever going through this.  The only good thing is that she is such a determined, ambitious and strong person, alongside being an amazing mum – I know she will be okay.  Turning 30 seems to be a curse to marriage.  This is the third friend to go through it.  

What else have I missed?  My cousins wedding, my bosses wedding, one 30th birthday and a few other birthdays, one baby being born and one I didnt get to meet before I left, my sister and her boyfriend getting the keys to their first house, my friend buying her first house on her own (in my street, that would be a hoot if I was there), mum having an operation, the cows being born and dads new shed! 

I love seeing all the pictures of these events and following them on Facebook and will see the houses, meet the babies and raise some glasses for all the other stuff when I visit the motherland.  Until then, I have a country to explore and an alternative life to build. 



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