Last weeks news – Brits, bands, bikes and a gnome called David

Obviously, since being offered the job that I start On Wednesday, I have been offered another!  Like they say about buses and men, none for ages, then a few come along at once!  Sticking with the one I start on Wednesday as it has better longer term positives.

What else have I been up to other than the job hunting?  Well I went out for another big Brit drinks meet up which was good fun.  It is hard with big groups of new people as you cant speak to everyone and there are often people I really want to chat to more but the situation just doesnt allow it.  A few of the original Brits also went for a curry last week.  Tasty food, good value, but rubbish service.  Nice to go out and eat with friends though. 

On Wednesday night, I went Downtown to see my friends band, Eclecticus, play at the Horseshoe Tavern.  Nice little bar that had a bit of an English pub feel – think Skiving Scholar if you are from Plymouth! Or maybe the Cooperage back in the day!  There was a hole in the wall where you could order fast food from the take away next door! Immense! Good night, but not a late one for me given the 6am boot camp to be taught the next morning.  

  Last week was a busy one and I also went for a pole open practice at a different studio from before – Brass Vixens which is in Downtown Toronto.  It was great fun being back at pole and their Yonge Street studio is really nice – lovely staff and other students were really welcoming. It is a shame that it is so far as it is not practical for me to get there regularly now I have a job, but good to know I can go there for practice if I am in the area. 


I have spent a lot of time sorting out my garden over the last few weeks and got a hammock and gnome.    

Most excitingly, I also got a bike this week to ride up and the road where I live.  Got lights, a little basket for the front, matching hat and a bell as well!    



3 thoughts on “Last weeks news – Brits, bands, bikes and a gnome called David

  1. I went to Brass Vixens when I was Toronto 2 years ago. Good place anI it wasn’t too badly priced. I did pole out here in Vancouver until I couldn’t afford the $250 a month membership so now it is just open pole sessions at $10.50 an hour. So much fun though 🙂


    • $10.50 an hour, i wish i could find that here for open pole! I hope to carry on again soon but its much more expensive across the board that plymouth studios in uk.
      Anyway the big question… Which do u prefer… Toronto or Vancouver?!


      • Really? How much for open pole there?

        Good question. I loved Toronto for the shopping and night life but the outdoors and the mountains is fantastic over here. Also I don’t know if I could cope with the winters lol


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