My A-Z of Happiness

I recently read a short e-book by one of my favourite authors, Jill Mansell – The A-Z of Happiness. It made me want to write my own, so this evening I have. I have to say, it was much harder than I thought it would be to decide on certain letters, but here it is…
A – Animals. I love to be around animals – having my own pets or visiting other people only to ignore them and play with their pets instead. My friends from the animal kingdom must be furry or feathered, reptiles need not apply.

B – Beach. Until recently, I only liked the beach in the winter – wrapping up warm and going for long walks along the coastal path at Wembury. Since coming to Canada, I have found a love for the beach during the days when it is quiet, or in the evenings with a book just listening to the sound of the waves.

C – Canada. Still being relatively new in the Country, Canada and I are still in our honeymoon period. I love everything about it! The people, the landscape and sights and the overall lifestyle.

D – Diet Coke. Everyone who knows me will know I have a hopeless addiction to Diet Coke. I am powerless over this addiction and have accepted this fact.

E – Envelopes. Handwritten envelopes. I was thinking about things that make me happy and receiving handwritten letters are one of them. In a world of countless methods of communication, most of which are technology based, there is something much nicer about getting a handwritten letter.

F – I really struggled with F.  I thought it was cheating to have more than one, but then I decided that it is my A-Z of Happiness and I can choose whatever makes me happy.  So I chose…

       Food.  I love food.  I might be a fussy eater, but there is always something to munch on.  With a particularly sweet tooth, it is usually sweets, chocolate or hot chocolate!  

       Fitness.  Fitness began as a way to balance out the afore mentioned food problem.  I soon found that I do actually love it.  I hate it sit ups, does anyone love abs stuff?!  Other than that, circuits, kettlebells, running, weights, pole dancing, line dancing, aerial yoga, trapeze… I have tried all sorts of weird and wonderful things and love them all!

     Friends and Family.  I particularly enjoy it when I can mix the Fs together, so friends or family with food or fitness makes me extra happy.  Do I need to say anymore about friends and family?  Its kind of self explanatory when you have a good bunch.

       Farm.  I love the farm.  The farm is home.  I love everything about it – my bed in my childhood room, the smell of fresh cut hay in the summer, riding around on the quad bike or the tractor, taking Folly for a walk, training the sheep (remembering good old Larry), feeding the cows, finding the cats sleeping in the hay, running around barefoot, making dens and mud pies!

       Fairytales.  Fairytales comes with Happy Ever Afters.  I have had my ups and downs over the years, but hold out for the fairytale ending.  I think I have proven I can be independent, blah blah blah, but deep down, I just want to be looked after and have the fairytale.  

G – Grass. Freshly cut grass smells amazing.

H – Hotels. I toyed with home, but covered this with F. I love staying in hotels. Not having to clean up after myself, really comfy beds, room service, on site gyms, saunas and jacuzzis. 

I – Inappropriate jokes.  Everyone loves a joke that may or may not have crossed some sort of line dont they?  Luckily my inappropriate friends share an, at times, ok often, inappropriate sense of humour and can share in the hysterics.  I love to see a good comedian and I think my enjoyment of seeing Jimmy Carr and Frankie Boyle fits nicely here.

J – Jinx. Mr Jinx obviously had to have his own letter. Having him cuddle up to me when he knows I am sad, the angry look he gives me if he is out in the rain, standing in the bath miaowing angrily until I run the tap for him to drink from, sharing squirty cream, sitting by the bath when I am in it and cuddling up on the bed at night, under the covers if it is cold. I am his human and have been trained well to do as I am told!

K – Kooky socks. I love having random socks, brightly cloured with different patterns. I cant stop myself from buying them wherever I see them, though I do seem to wear them out weirdly quickly, so I can never have too many!

L – Love.  This kind of goes with the fairytale F.  It can also be used with all other Fs – I love family, friends, fitness, the farm and fairytale endings.

M – Moors. The Moors is one of my favourite places to be. For years, I have been going up on the moors – usually on a quad bike or a horse. Whether galloping across the moors with the wind bringing tears to my eyes or slowly plodding along in the sun, the moors will always be one of my favourite places.

N – Netflix. Hours of entertainment. Netflix supports my habit of binge watching trashy shows. There is always something to watch or re-watch – Dexter and Prison Break being my top 2.

O – Offenders. I love working with Offenders and have been doing so for some years career wise. I also have find prisons interesting in my personal life and love to visit them. Never usually finding museums particularly interesting, the exception is prison museums.  

P – Plymouth. Plymouth has everything you need. You dont ever need to go anywhere else, unless you want to because you have never lived anywhere else! It has the moors, the coasts and beaches, the hoe, a shopping centre and it is easy to get to other places with our very own A38.  

Q – Quizzes. I must confess, I had to cheat and google words beginning with Q. I do genuinely love a quiz though and am always being suckered into filling in the silly Facebook ones. If the answer is one I like, I nod happily and share. If I dont like it, I think to myself how these quizzes are never accurate anyway! I have never done a pub quiz, but have always wanted to go to one.

R – Running. I love running. Not always before I go, but I love to run with people or on my own. It is such a feeling of satisfaction afterwards and I love the feeling of achievement entering races and getting medals. I never need to win, just to finish. Oh, and not come last of course!

S – Snow. Who doesnt love snow? Ask me this after my first Winter in Canada! As it stands, I love looking out of the window at the snow, going out to walk in it and drinking lots of hot chocolate to walk up. I love the crunch of it under my feet, the soft powdery stuff and my cold breath in the air. I am told that Canadian animals have to wear boots to keep their feet warm – cant wait to see this!

T – Tractors. Growing up on a farm, I always loved riding around in the tractor. It doesnt matter where the journey is, I like to sit in the little seat go for the ride. It is also fun riding in the trailer on the back of the Tractor! Or, on a very rare occasion, getting to drive it, though I prefer to be a passenger.

U – Unicorns and Rainbows These always come with happy thoughts.

V – Ventures. I wanted to have projects, but P was already taken. I used a thesaurus and it gave me Ventures instead. I love to have a project or a venture on the go and consider myself super organised and efficient when throwing myself into something new that I am excited about it. Can I add list making in with this one?

W – Walking. I love going for long walks, the moors, coastal paths, woods, Burrator.

X – Xmas. C was already taken, so I put this one in X. I love Christmas. I love making cards, the snow, wrapping presents, shopping for presents, the smell of a real tree, decorating the tree, tree chocolates, extra days off work, board games, log fires, the smell of chestnuts roasting, tins of chocolates, curling ribbon, stockings, seeing someone happy face when they open something you know they will love, christmas songs and markets.

Y – Why do I have to have a Y?  I feel a bit ‘meh’ about Y words.  I like a yawn at bedtime with a good stretch.  Thats the best I have for Y.

Z – Zzz. Sleep. Being tired at the end of a day and getting into a freshly made bed, or waking up in the morning feeling cosy and realising you can go back to sleep.



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