A house in a tree, where fairies live

I have had some really nice days this week.  I particularly enjoyed Saturday.  I taught a Body Blast class at 9am – I love how motivated everyone is and how hard they work!  I couldnt do a press up on my toes when I got here – I know, I teach the classes and most of the ladies I teach can, but I cant!  I am pleased to say, that I can now almost do one.  When I started, my Fearless Fitness mission was to be able to do them and I am so close!  Last week, I bought some kettlebells on Kijiji (Canadas version of Gumtree) and couldnt use them as my old whiplash injury was playing up.  On Saturday, feeling much better, I did 20 minutes of kettlebells and then went out for a little trot along the boardwalk.  The ankle is happier and I just ran a nice gentle mile gradually building it back up.  A great start to the day!  I feel like my injuries are letting the fitness me emerge in its Canada form.  I thought I would be productive and go to the library after this, however, my brain wasnt in it.  I found some kettlebell instructor courses that I hope to sign up for and wandered off to sit in the park.   

I went to Kew Gardens for the first time and just sat on the grass amongst the trees.  It was so nice in the sunshine, but not too hot.  There were a ridiculous amount of black squirrels and one was so friendly sharing my cookie and taking bits from my hand.  Then some birds came and took crumbs.  It was like a fairy tale!  Or maybe like the bird lady on Mary Poppins!  “Feed the birds, tuppence a bag”.  Okay, so I was happy and the animals were happy, but I probably looked like a crazy person.  I then pottered off to find a tree I had seen on Facebook with a little door in it.  Just look at the pictures for the scene!  Canadians are adorable with these funny little things!  Inside the door were lots of little notes written by people (mainly children) about fairies. 

 Yesterday I went down to Woodbine Beach for a Brits meet up.  This was not the usual Brits, it was another one of the big random ones through Facebook.  The usual crowd were there as well of course.  This one was much more positive and I liked them much more than most of the last bunch.  Luckily, the odd ones from last time have not been heard from again (the nice ones are still on the scene).  The one weird thing was how many people came without towels or swimwear.  I was very confused and was the only one to flop out my towel and sunbathe, and then swim happily in the lake!  I was a bit skeptical about heading down to Woodbine Beach as I like the beach by my apartment.  This was a 20 min walk and  much bigger beach with lots and lots of people.  I still prefer my beach as it is quieter and smaller, but I had a lovely afternoon and met some nice new people.  We have plans to hang out in the board game cafe again later this week….  

  Yesterday evening, I went to try and get a photo of a raccoon in the garden.  It went up the steps onto the balcony thing, so I followed it.  I poked my head around the corner and it became less cute.  It bared its teeth and screeched at me.  I had to retreat quickly down the steps.  I didnt get the photo I wanted.  The steps are supposedly raccoon proofed – spikes on the hand rail and in random places on the steps, well the raccoon went up and down dodging the spikes with no problem and I nearly met my maker.  I am beginning to agree with the locals, these raccoons are highly intelligent creatures and I dont think people outside of Canada give them the credit they deserve.  Raccoon 1.  Caroline 0.

Today.  The rain came.  In standard Canadian weird weather style, it was still really warm which sends my brain into a state of confusion.  I want to put warm layers on as I am programmed to think that it will be cold with the rain.  Indoor plans were in place anyway and I hung out with the usuals for some gym time and natter.  Oh and I may have had a cheeky slice of pizza.  The ankle held out again and we smashed the gym.  Feeling good, the day was ended with malibu and chatter with the locals in the pub.

Tomorrow, there is boot camp.  Sleeping would be a more sensible use of my time when  have to get up in just over 5 hours, but I wanted to write an update whilst I am feeling so chipper.  


3 thoughts on “A house in a tree, where fairies live

  1. It’s interesting to read about meeting people at meetups – one of my best friends here is a Brit I met through Facebook, but I haven’t been to the meetups as I was worried people would be weird…!


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