Where are all the old people?

The Beaches is a very strange but lovely little neighbourhood.  It is quiet, but friendly.  The beach isnt too busy.  It is safe and apparently has low crime rates. It has everything you need – shops, restaurants, bars, beach and gyms.  The people dont venture out of the area very often.  It is mostly white which is weird (even more than Plymouth). The houses are very expensive (though I dont know how it compares to Downtown).  People have lovely little verandahs to sit out on and there are dogs everywhere.  The people here remind me of offices the way they grumble (and even when Canadians grumble, it is friendly).  So, in offices, people always bicker over milk, fridges and (not sure if its just us HMPers…) the toilet.  In The Beaches, they love to complain about the dogs not being on leads (leashes), being ON the leads and pooing in public (the dogs, not the locals).   There are dogs of every breed, size and colour and they dont really match their owners very often.  They also like to debate whether it is called The Beach or The Beaches, in fact this seems to really divide them.  I think I alternate.  They love to help each other out on The Beaches (The Beach) Facebook group.  They reminisce over times when there businesses hadnt all had to move on because the rents got too high, they remember drinking at Fitzgeralds and they are determined not to drink at the new place that took over The Lake House.  Very loyal.  Though, I dont think this one stuck as the new place has cracking reviews!  They wear flip flops everywhere, except when engaging in sport.  Sports can be running – they love to run here, tennis on the courts, cycling, paddle boarding and all sorts more.  They seem very energetic.  Speaking of the water, they also seem to like debating whether you can swim in the lake, and if so when and what affects its cleanliness.  I often get a surprised “you swam in the lake?!” response when sharing my adventures.  Alongside this enjoyment of fitness, there is a community love of Eds.  THE best mint choc chip milkshake I have ever had.  Delicious.  Eds should be had daily for otimum enjoyment.  Overall, they seem like a particularly happy breed of Canadians out here.

Having made all of these observations about the locals, my only concern is that there dont seem to be many actual old people here.  The ones that wear cardigans and smell a bit of cabbage? Walking sticks and old age aids?  Blue rinses?  Comb overs? Liver spots? False teeth?  This occured to me the other day when I was puzzling over what was missing… I think I might miss them a bit.  Where are all the old people?!


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