Boiling bunnies, Jazz Fest and Dairy Queen

There have been more and more occasions where Canadians look baffled when I say certain phrases. They dont seem to have any idea what Bunny Boiler means and I had to explain this after one asked if he should check the oven when I said I had left a bunny boiling on it. Saying ‘lets do one’ was met with a confused face when it was time to leave the pub. ‘Its gone 10’ had to be explained by saying that 10 o clock had passed and when I referred to ‘my gaff’, it was assumed I was making an electrical reference as in Gaffer. Canadians dont say quarter past, they say quarter after. It is a minefield out there! 
Jazz Fest – every year at The Beaches, there is a 3 day Jazz Festival.  The road is closed off just up from me in the evenings.  This stops the public transport cutting the ‘bus wankers’ at my end off from the world.  They set up bands and stalls all along the road and thousands of people descend.  The food smelt great – I had chinese two nights and some of the music wasnt bad.  The people though… there were thousands of them.  Im not big on crowds, so it was a bit much if Im honest.  The second night, I took my noodles and ate them on the beach in the dark. It was lovely.  I then sat against a tree and read my kindle, just the sound of the waves where I was.  I had a little paddle. The water was cold.  

I have had my first Dairy Queen ice cream.  I grumbled all the way there moaning about how hot it was and that I didnt like walking through Chinatown in the heat – its quite smelly and too busy.  The mint oreo ice cream was amazing.  My mouth is watering just thinking about getting another one soon.  


I have spent a lot of time on the beach enjoying the sunshine. The lake has reached new levels of warmth and is so nice to swim in!  I love how quiet and peaceful it is.  Living the dream! 


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