Whilst so much stuff has been surprisingly easy to sort out since I have been here – phone number, bank account, SIN number, apartment, meeting people, navigating TTC, keeping in touch with folks at home and more, there are some days that are incredibly frustrating. 

It should be so easy to cancel an English phone contract, pay the bill and arrange to keep the number on pay as you go.  Instead the morons have taken extra money without telling me and sent the wrong size sim card to the wrong country.  On the phone they lack consistency and keep giving different stories.  Waiting for a Manager to confirm it is now all sorted… Been here before and heard nothing.  Vodafone, you suck.

It should be easy to transfer money between accounts and have it appear. I have had to ring banks and international travel cash cards constantly chasing to find out why cards arent working where they should and balances are wrong etc.  The Natwest app is great – until it asks you to verify your number.  It wont accept a Canadian number and I cant verify my English number due to the  incompetent  aforementioned  morons at Vodafone.

The two above issues combined with having to constantly chase and phone about my claim with Holiday Safe are stressful.  I put in a claim with Holiday Safe for my bills relating to my ankle injury.  I paid for the insurance service, so should be no problem right? Wrong. After submitting my claim on 15th May, chasing them constantly, receiving emails saying I hadnt sent things that I had and resending, I have eventually had my claim settled on 20th July.  They said 3-5 days from the 8th July.  Then blamed it on my bank having it pending. Phone call to Natwest – not correct.  Holiday Safe then closed for weekend. Obviously. Miraculously after expressing my annoyance, money appeared the same day.  Travel Insurance – pay hundreds of pounds for a service that is not provided, pay more to phone them constantly and remind them to provide the service.

The constant calls to UK numbers are costly and time consuming to resolve things that shouldnt be an issue.  Turns out, no matter how ridiculously organised you are, it still requires handholding.

I am having a moan.  The best place to vent though is sitting on a paradise like beach though eh? Its better to get it all out so I can resume my sunbathing.  In the grand scheme of grumpiness, this is a minor situation exacerbated by the ongoing saga that is my job hunting.  Of course, the sun just went in.

UPDATE: Suns back. 


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