The Weather and some new Brits

I can really see why Canadians are stereotyped as talking about the weather alot.  This week I have experienced torential downpour that makes English rain look like childs play and now it is so hot that there are apparently heatwave warnings.  It is sweaty and sticky.  The only thing to do is lie on the beach with frequent dips in the Lake.  

This week I have had a nice sociable week starting off with a drink and some food with my first British friend at pub downtown.  On Tuesday, I went to a gig at the Molson Ampitheatre.  It was Tesla, Styx and Def Leppard.  Never heard of the first two and I am not going to be running out and purchasing their albums, but Def Leppard were immense.  So good live! Really enjoyed it.  Given the glorious weather I wore a strappy top and short skirt with flip flops.  Of course it rained.  The locals all pulled ponchos and umbrellas out of their bags and pockets.  I got wet to the skin and berated the local I went with for not giving the heads up! Great night tho!  

The rest of the week has passed by with sunbathing and hanging out at the library applying for jobs.  I went to The Path with a fellow Brit to look for jobs.  This is a weird underground world that Canadians use in winter.  Lots of shops and businesses connecting the biggest buildings and subways – in winter some people will have little need go above ground.  Its weird and we walked in lots of circles and struggled to find our way out.   

I was also excited to get some pictures of Mr Jinx this week.  I am more optimistic about jobs now, but if no luck, I might see if I can do some volunteering at the Humane Society so I can play with the cats.  Another highlight from home for me this week was a friend asking if I am anywhere near Cancun.  She thought it was in Canada.  I have to say, it is this ridiculousness that I miss from some of the folks back home!

I have had some good feedback from my boot camps which is nice to hear, and I had an extra class to cover on Wednesday in the studio this week.  So much fun.

Last night I went to a Brits meet up again.  This was made up of 8 of the usual Brits, from our first meet up and many subsequent adventures, and about 10 newbies.  Its a bit much to be honest with that many people and I didnt get to talk to everyone properly.  It was a good night, but not all of the new ones are to my taste – the heat didnt make me the most sociable person though to be fair, so maybe I will warm to the odd ones.  I was excited to meet a fellow Devonian – from Totnes, but seems fairly normal so far and also likes running.  There were a few that seemed nice, so hopefully will get to chat to them more at the next event… The whole evening was so hot, I could barely function and I was so happy to get home to the air con. It is all very nice sitting out on the patios, but its too hot!  

I keep seeing people out running in this weather and feel like passing out on their behalf.   I watch the locals going to work, running, chatting, walking their dogs and generally behaving as if it is possible to do stuff in this weather.  They are finally swimming in the Lake properly as well.  The only thing I can do in this weather is eat ice cream, drink milkshake, sunbathe, swim in the lake and be snappish with people!  It is too hot for Malibu.  And actually, it is too hot to walk to the milkshake shop.

On that note, for now, it is time work on my tan.  


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