Hanging out in Canada

Despite the job hunting not being exactly as planned, I really am having a whale of a time in Canada.  I moved here 9 weeks today and still feel it really is the best thing I have ever done with my life – I may have said this before and I am sure I will say it again, but I just feel like it really got me out of a monotonous rut.  I didnt dislike life at home and have great friends, a nice house, family near by, my pets, a job, but there was something missing.  The weirdest thing is, even though I have never been here before, I stepped off the plane and immediately felt at home.  I didnt feel scared or overwhelmed getting here alone.  I remember Trish picking me up from the airport when we finally found each other and taking me to Tim Hortons, and on the drive there, I was looking out of the window thinking I want to stay here forever.

Is Canada what I thought it would be?  I have to say, I didnt think I would enjoy lying on the beach as much, I didnt think I would spend quite so much time in the pub!  I thought it would be harder to meet friends and easier to get a job.  I thought I might get homesick and I knew I would miss Mr Jinx.  I didnt realise quite how much I would miss Mr Jinx.  I am considering getting a hamster just so I have a pet.  I thought I would be phoning home all the time and I thought I had packed enough stuff.  I didnt expect to miss squash as I rarely drink it at home, but crave it all the time here!  

I have had great fun the past week hanging out with a couple of the other unemployed Brits.  It is nice to just wander around the streets of Toronto, go to the gym, go for coffee or to a pub.  I particularly enjoyed sitting on a patio watching one Matt try to teach other Matt how to swear in his Northern accent.  This went on for a considerable amount of time and it made me sad that I had no battery on my phone to video the whole thing!  This week we saw the Toronto Walk of Fame – stars on ground with famous names in them, for some reason Jim Carrey has two?!  I didnt realise Kim Cattrall was Canadian.  There was also some debate over Alexander Graham Bells Canadian status, settled with Google of course.  We went to the Rogers Centre and I bought myself a Blue Jays shirt.  I cant wait to wear it when I get to go to another game.  We went to a Bulk Barn shop where they had the biggest containers of Skittles and Reeses Pieces I have ever seen – I could have fitted in the container.  Two former fatties roaming the shop was a sight to see.  We wandered around shouting out ”hey look at this”, ”look at the size of this chocolate” – the joy on our faces was clear for all to see.  We have also been to a board game cafe and played games for a couple of hours whilst drinking cups of tea – English tea of course.  I take lots of photos wherever we go.  Matt takes lots of photos of me taking photos. 

Things that I have found amusing in Canada lately….

  • When shopping, the staff keep introducing themselves to me – it seems normal for them to come and tell shoppers their name.  They are also weirdly helpful and friendly.  Shop assistants have also asked me “how are you making out?”.  This was met with a sight flush and bewilderment on my part.  I spluttered that I was getting on fine thanks!  
  • How Canadians refer to the London Eye.  Its pretty funny that they refer to it as a Ferris Wheel, this has happened a few times, or “that wheel”.
  • There is an event called “Float your Fanny down the Ganny”.  To translate, they make a boat or floating type of object and float their fanny (bum) down the ganny (river) in it.  To them fanny means bottom.  I giggled like a child when I heard this talked about.



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