Toronto Zoo With The Brits

Following the Hooters trip, the next organised tourist outing with some of the The Brits was to head for Toronto Zoo.  We excitedly hired a Zip Car and off we went for our outing.  With my Girl Guide back ground, I packed a bag for the day with bikini, snacks and also warmer clothes.  If nothing else, since being in Canada, I have learnt that the weather is unpredictable.  I was mocked for this level of organisation.  

We got to the zoo and eagerly headed off to see the pandas.  After watching for a few minutes, we ascertained the one not moving and lying on its back was not dead and, satisfied with this, we went to find some more animals.  Polar bears, penguins, giraffes, rhino, hippos, fish, snakes, scaled creatures, giant guinea pigs, flamingoes, tigers…. We saw them all.  There were also a strange amount of frogs and baby frogs hopping around the park.  The bear was cute playing in the pond and blowing bubbles in the water.

Disappointingly the Beaver Tails and Poutine kiosks near the front entrance closed around 3pm when we excitedly went in search of sustinence.  Luckily were able to trek back to the other side of the park for Beaver Tails served with a distinct lack of enthusiasm from the staff.  The Beaver Tails were delicious though. 

We were not able to see the moose as they were hiding from the torrential downpour that came to plague us late afternoon.  We sought refuge in one of the food courts.  Unfortunately they were closing up.  We did get a burger, but the pizza place was closed and they were cleaning up the whole area ready to shoo out hungry tourists.  Between 3 and 5pm, most of the ice cream and drinks stands had closed.  Disappointing for such a big zoo, especially as it didn’t close until 7pm.  Regardless of rain or attendance rates, surely you should be able to provide refreshments for your paying customers?!  I just don’t like people messing with my ability to get food.

Toronto Zoo overall – a good range of animals and a nice big park.  There were a good amount of refreshment opportunities if they were actually open.  Toilets were vile – I should’ve used a bush.  Most zoos I have visited, the animals have looked happy enough in their enclosures, but even before the rain, some of these did not look very chipper….  Maybe it was the weather?  Either way, I’ll take Sparkwell Zoo or Paignton Zoo over this one anyday.  Back to the car and soaking wet – now who is silly for packing a bag full of ‘just in case’ items…. Quick change and homeward bound.

I am loving the outings with The Brits, we can run around and be proper cheesy tourists to our hearts content!  Regardless of where we go, we seem to always have good fun.



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