Job hunting

Before coming to Canada, I really ummed and ahhed about what I wanted my job focus to be.  My initial plans were to come over and try to get straight into a job in addictions if possible.  As time went by, I thought it might be nice to have a break and loom for something else for my first few months.  So I arrived in Toronto with a freshly updated CV/ Resume and the plan that I would wander into some nice looking bars/ restaurants/ cafes, have a bit of a chat and they would offer me a job.  I can’t lie, I thought having an accent would be the key to this. Turns out gaining employment is not this easy… who knew?!

Most of the bars and restaurants want experience, now my CV does show some experience working in a restaurant, but it doesn’t seem to be enough.  I have dropped off and emailed countless CVs with no call backs.  I applied for a few jobs in admin/ reception roles – no call backs.  I have chased them by email and gone in to follow up face to face.  Turns out, I am not very desirable to employ in Canada.  The biggest kick in the teeth is when they readvertise the role and I never even got a call to try and prove my worthiness!

I registered with a temp agency and was told to register with 15 or 20 more as they get hundreds of CVs.  This was a little disheartening, so I was pleased to get a call a week later offering me a job.  It was an entry level temp role.  Great.  I need some money and don’t mind entry level. Not massively keen on losing my freedom, beach days and tourist lifestyle to work full time for minimum wage, but needs must and one of my muckers did recently post on my Facebook “get a job you bum”.  I went to the first day and it was clear straight away that the lady thought it may not be suited to me due to my skills and experience and wanted a chat at the end of the day to see if it was a good fit.  This was positive feedback about my CV after having no call backs.  Unfortunately, she was right and I lasted two hours before feeling it best to be honest and say that it wasn’t for me.  I have to say, I don’t think this level of entry role even exists in England.  I don’t mind entry roles and lots of people enjoy them etc, but I also don’t want my brain cells to die.  

I have now applied for a number of jobs in the addictions field and hope to gain some employment there.  I thought I wanted a change, but on seeing what else is out there, I am not sure I do.  I love facilitating groups and have found a few roles to apply for doing this, some drug and alcohol related and some in other areas.

It hasn’t all been bad in the job hunt.  I applied for a job a few weeks ago facilitating Boot Camps.  The job is 2 hours a week with a 6am class twice a week.  6am?!  My brain seized up when they told me this.  Despite the 6am start, for a long time, I have been interested in gaining a job in fitness and now doing some certificates and learning lots of biology stuff that I had blocked out from school has paid off.  I am working for two girls that have been friends since school and set up the fitness business together.  They are highly energetic and the classes are filled with lots of “awesome” and “great job” and high fives.  I love it!  I started this week and did my first clas on my own yesterday before the epic temp job fail.  It was great fun and I don’t even mind leaving the house when it is still dark!   I am even looking forward to next week already….. 

This morning, I sent off some more CVs and now plan to sit on the beach optimistic that the calls offering me jobs with great pay, great hours and fun tasks will roll on in….


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