Hooters with the Brits

My return to the city yesterday started with a slightly different level of tourism to that of the past week.  A few of the other Brits and I realised we shared an ambition to visit the popular and iconic fine dining establishment of Hooters.  This has been planned for a couple of weeks, specifically for a Monday night to take advantage of all you can eat wings for $12.99.  What could possibly go wrong eh?

Unfortunately, instead of being served some tasty food in a friendly restaurant with good looking staff, we found ourselves looking around at a harsh and grubby reality.  You would think the wings would be tasty being an advertised special offer event…. unfortunately, the battered boneless meat did not really have any meat inside the thick layer of batter and the chicken wings with the bones had so little meat, the birds must have been on a hunger strike before meeting their ending.  One of the sauces was nice and we managed to eat a few plates, however, even with all you can eat, I couldnt bring myself to eat enough to feel full.  All food was cold or luke warm.  We had the misfortune of seeing the kitchen on the way out… I would like to say that we experienced some great Canadian service with a smile, however, the waitress seemed to struggle to coordinate bringing a jug of water to the table, let alone drinks and wings.  When it to came to billing us, well, her mind was blown.  Her grasp of maths, customer service and smiling were all severely lacking.

A fun night with chums and good banter was shared by all, but we wont be returning.  It has even sparked discussion of whether ‘Minging Mondays’ should become a regular dining experience…. I can say for sure that Hooters will not be on the agenda again, but it is another thing crossed off the to do list.  We all agreed that we were distinctly underwhelmed.  



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