Brits, Blue Jays and Kensington Market

One of the more organised Brits from the Brits in Toronto Facebook group organised a meet up for us.  Whilst keen to attend having spoken to some of the people on Facebook over the months, I was also anxious and sure that most of them would turn out to be weirdos.  After a few more meet ups, we have established that most of us went into it with this expectation and we were all pleasantly surprised that we met a fairly normal nice bunch of people.  No others from Devon, but we had representations from England, Ireland and Scotland as well as one token Canadian along for the ride.  After a sucessful first meet up, the British socialising is on fire and we have since been to a Blue Jays Baseball game.

I wasnt sure about going to the Baseball game – watching sport has never been my thing.  In fact, I have spent most of my life actively trying to avoid it.  The tickets were $19 and I didnt want to be left out!  I LOVED IT!  We were sat way back up high, but we could still see everything and were not annoying die hard fans with our chatter.  A man brought drinks around in a cool bag and we could go down to the bar and food area for burgers and hot dogs.  The area around the stadium was packed with thousands of people and there was lots of queueing surounded by people wearing Blue Jays attire.  Towards the end of the game, I think I had a pretty good grasp of what was happening and now feel prepared for next time to go into the game with more idea of whats what.  The stadium reminded my of the film Never Been Kissed when she goes down and waits on the pitch for him to turn up….  It was Blue Jays Vs Baltimore and they didnt win, but still, I loved it and cant wait to go again!  Next time, I hope to have purchased my own Blue Jays shirt like a true fan in the making.    

Since this, I have also been to Kensington Market with some of the Brits and saw the car that is also a giant planter that I have heard about and seen pictures of.  Kensington Market has lots of food and shops to potter around and was a nice way to spend a few hours.  We had a burrito and one of the Brits took us on a mission to Honest Eds.  He was very excited about this and couldnt wait to show us it.  Apparently it is used in some films, though I hadnt heard of any of the films they mentioned to me.  Anyway, it did prove to be an interesting store, just like Trago Mills but bigger and cheaper, and who doesnt love Trago?   

 One of the Brits came down to The Beaches this week – it was nice to have one down to visit the area for a girly day of sunbathing. 
For now, I am looking forward to a few days away visting Kingston and will be reconvening with the Brits for a pre planned trip to Hooters to experience local culture and chicken wings next week!


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