Niagara Falls

Last week was Niagara Falls mini break week.  I booked two nights at the Ramada Fallsview before I left the UK and then got the Megabus from Toronto Bus Station to Niagara Fallsview Casino.  The bus was $17 each way and took about two hours.  It was raining and cloudy when I left Toronto, so I filled my backpack with gloves, a scarf and some warm layers, put on my raincoat and off I went.  Obviously by the time I arrived, the sun was beating down and I looked ridiculously, felt sweaty and had a bag full of useless items!  After the 10 minute walk to my hotel, I had shed as many layers as possible and couldnt wait for some air conditioning.  The room wasnt ready for check in until 4pm, so I sat in reception and cooled down for half an hour.  At 4pm, I checked in and they said they had upgraded me to a room with a jacuzzi bath.  The room was lovely with a ginormous bed big enough to starfish and not touch the edges!

I went straight down to the falls.  I could feel the spray before I could see them through the trees.  I have to say, with most big things like this, I get there, take a photo and go again, but on this occasion, I couldnt take enough photos.  I could have stood there all day.  Niagara Falls is all its cracked up to be and so much more.  There was a rainbow accross the falls as well which was amazing.  I walked down and located the boat trips to the falls – Hornblower Cruises, booked my ticket, got given a waterproof poncho and off I went.  The boat trip was about half an hour and goes right up past the falls by Rainbow Bridge and America and up into Horse Shoe Falls.  The ponchos are a good shout, its kinda wet.  Again, I just cant say enough how amazing it was and already cant wait to go back.  One lady I chatted to on the boat had got off, booked another ticket and gone straight back on.  

I walked all up the wall along the falls and got right up by the top of the drop, took another few hundred photos, and went on the Journey Behind the Falls.  Provided with another poncho, I went down in a lift and through some tunnels to see the windows out behind the drop.  Worth doing, but after the boat trip and the walk with the falls view, it couldnt compare.  

 The gift shop was a treat – everyone loves a gift shop and I bought a new hoody to replace my favourite snuggly one that I brought with me and lost. 

I went back to the room and spained ankle was hurting.  The room was big enough for two, so I thought I would let the fat girl inside come back for one night only.  I fired up the jacuzzi bath and ordered Papa Johns – large pizza, with mushrooms of course and a side of wings and sat in the jacuzzi eating it and watching Pretty Little Liars on Netflix.  It was good.

After a nice lie in, day 2 commenced.  Every now and then on this trip, I get these moments where I stroll along and just think how amazing it is that I came to Canada and am just strolling around.  I had this all the way down to the Bodies Revealed Exhibition.  Again, I bought the tickets before leaving the UK on Living Social.  Th exhibit is a chance to see the inside of bodies revealed, much as the name says!  It was incredible.  Again, I want to go back.  I got to see the famous ITB that caused me so much trouble with my running for years, had a good look at the bits and pieces of the ankle that caused all the business with the crutches and many other things.  The smokers lungs and healthy lungs have so much more impact in real life than in pictures!  They even had all of the blood vessels preserved – it looked like a tree painted red!  I didnt believe that bit was real til I read the card.  I must confess, I was glad I was not with certain friends from home when I reached the male and female bits as I am not sure we could have passed through without giggling.  I held myself together, just.  The final part was a complete body cut through in sections from the head down.  This did cause me some concern as it looked like steaks!!  I left hungry.

This led me to another gift shop. I went a bit crazy here, books and guides galore. Books about dead bodies, immense. Who needs Dexter?!

After heading back to the room to offload my purchases, I decided to walk to Marineland.  It didnt seem far, it was about 2.5 miles I think.  I got a Tim Hortons milkshake and off I went.  Anyway, Marineland is another story already told.

After Marineland,  I used the gym in the hotel and then went see the falls at night.  Into a restaurant by the falls for a nice meal and then when it got dark, I walked down to the falls.  I did debate eating at the Skylon Tower where you can see the falls from a height, but am going to save this one for next time.  Now.  The falls at night.  They put some coloured lights behind them.  Thats pretty much it.  Again, it was nice, but nothing compares to the amazing rainbow over the falls.

The hotel had a pool, so I headed back for a swim before bed.  Unfortunately, despite it being 10.15pm,  a large group of children had set up residence in the pool with a number of inflatable balls.  Nuffield flashbacks!  A relaxing swim was not to be had so I sought refuge in the place that always makes me happy to end a day, back to the gym.

The megabus home was fairly uneventful.  By now, I had a lot more luggage to carry and I was glad to get home to the The Beach.  I did some other bits and bobs – another story for another day, just remember Fearless Fitness – and headed down to the pub for a beverage with my neighbour to end a lovely few days.


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