Marineland, Ontario

Whilst on my recent trip to Niagara Falls, I headed for Marineland.  I did um and ah as it is quite expensive for a fancy aquarium.  I am so glad I went though!  I know some people are up in arms with it being wild animals etc and have preached at me when I said I wanted to go and after saying I had been.  At the end of the day, the whales are already there and wouldn’t survive being put back in the wild now, so time is better spent preventing further being captured.  For this reason, I would advise everyone to go to Marineland or that type of place while you still can – I absolutely loved it.  I know we have the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth, but quite frankly, I find it dull, even moreso now I have seen this!  

The kids havent broken up from school yet and I went on a weekday, so the park was really quiet.  It is a bit outside of Niagara Falls main area and, being determined not to pay for a taxi, I ended up walking 45 mins in the sun there and back – not too bad if you have a bottle of water!  As soon as I got there the marine show was starting – it was made up of sea lions, whales, otters and dolphins.  It doesn’t matter that I get a year older each year, I still feel like a big kid when I go to these things.  The animals all did tricks for treats and the music played and the audience sat in a big auditorium around the pool.  The sea lion did sit ups, the otters caught rings and played fetch and the dolphins and whales swam and jumped and twirled.  

I headed off to find some food and then had a look for the whales.  I found the Beluga whales.  They have a constant smile, I have never seen Belugas before and they were adorable!  You can apparently see them in the wild and swim with them some places in Canada and I really hope I get to do this while I am here.  I paid to feed the Beluga whales and got to feed one and stroke its head.  They are cold and rubbery to touch.

 Off for the main attraction in my eyes – the killer whale.  I just couldnt stop staring watching her swim around and come over to be sprayed and play with the hose pipe.  There were big rocks in the tank and I just wanted her to jump them like on free willie.  The keepers said she is retired and in her 40s and this is the equivalent of being over 100 for a human, so not sure how much longer she will be there.  There tank had an underwater viewing area.  Again, I could have stood there for hours mesmerized just watching her swim around.

I saw a bunch of bears at a bear enclosure – they were much much smaller than I anticipated and were jumping up waiting for people to throw food down for them – some kind of nuts and ice cream cones that you could buy I think.  After this I saw some other less interested water based animals and then went back and watched the marine show again before heading back to the hotel.    


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