The Distillery District

This week I thought I would address my Things to do in Canada list by heading to the Distillery District.  An easy straight street car journey followed by a ten minute walk and I arrived at the cobbled streets of the district.  On reflection, the Rovers Return would have fitted in well!  Lots of little shops to look in with clothes, jewellery and keep sakes.  There were lots of artists studios where you could look around as they made their items for sale – jewellery, photos, paintings….  Whilst I could definitely have made quite a few purchases, this is not Silver Stall prices and I settled on a nice pair of black and white stripey knee high socks.  I never can resist a nice pair of socks.
In addition to the shops, I found the love locks that I have seen in pictures before visiting.  Just like the ones in Paris that have recently been removed.  I wanted to get a padlock to put on, but I think it may be a bit weird just writing my name on a padlock and clipping it on!  “CS woz ere” – it doesn’t have the same ring to it as the love locks do.  I found an amazing chocolate shop.  It smelt so good I just walked around touching the packets overwhelmed by the smell.  The roasted white chocolate and dark chocolate with mint were totally worth the money and I foresee a special trip for these and the amazing mint chocolate cookies I had from the bakery soon.

It was a nice area with a few restaurants and nice bars and I feel like it will be a nice place to go for a girly evening for wine or food.  I also found the giant heart statue but must confess I have no idea why it is there or if there even is a reason for it – it looked pretty so I took some pics.

After pottering around the Distillery District, I wandered out of the area to look around.  I heard a microphone and followed the sound thinking something might be happening.  I found a school fair.  Not quite what I was hoping for.  Wherever I had wandered to, it definitely wasn’t the same as the nice little beach life cocoon that I have fallen in love with.  A swift return to the street car and I made it back to The Beaches.


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