Keeping occupied when unemployed

Unemployment definitely has it’s perks – I have spent a lot of time walking up and down around the local area.  I have sat in coffee shops with a book, met friends for a coffee (hot chocolate), walked along the beach, sunbathed and sat in the bar looking out complaining that it’s either too humid or wet.

On one of my walks on the beach. I intended to find a nice spot to drink a hot chocolate and read.  Instead, I found rings.  Now, most of my fellow upside down friends will share my excitement at a random discovery like this.  Rings with a beach view less than five mins from the house – I now consider this my own personal playground.  If the city could just put a pole next to them, that would be ace.

On Saturday night, I ticked another thing off my list and headed off with my English friend to see the Filthy Improv show at the Bad Dog Theatre.  I was prewarned by my lovely Canadian friends that we should get a connecting bus and not walk there from the street car stop unless we wanted to offered drugs or groped.   Now, I was assured by English friend that she has walked it before and we would be fine.  We made it safely with no untoward incidents and I was later told by my room mate that Canadians have a different assessment of dodgy areas.  It is nice that they have our backs, although I probably felt safer there than walking down Mutley Plain in the evening.  We got fajitas at a pub near the theatre.  I was amused when I said to the waitress that I miss the easy card machines at home and she said, “yes, I miss Australia” and proceeded to tell us where she had been in Australia.  We didn’t bother to correct her.  I should explain here that at home you press your PIN number and then enter and that’s it.  In Canada, it is a whole faff full of buttons and options and tipping.  Anyway, we made it to the comedy show – Filthy Improv.  It was a level of filth beyond what I expected, but hilarious.  I will definitely be going again.  My only disappointment was that 45 mins was no where near long enough.  We had some wine and headed home.  I feel like when you attend a comedy show of this kind with a new friend and both share the humour, it is going well!

Last night was a different kind of entertainment with a visiting raccoon to the apartment.  He was adorable and came right up on to the deck at the back.  He looked all cuddly and had the cutest little hands.  My room mate said I couldn’t keep him as a pet, but I did get to name him Womble.  I spent a lot of time looking out of my window watching him and his buddy, Ed.  They were bickering noisily throughout the evening.  I also witnessed Ed climb on to the bins, lift the lid, reach in for a rummage and pull out some munch.  He was not quiet putting the lid back down – this is the noise that has been keeping me up at night.  Locals complain about the raccoons and the bins, but I don’t understand why they don’t just get clips to clip the lids down?



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