Swimming in Lake Ontario and other stories

My freedom has kept me busy the last week and since posting, it started with a pole class.  Great fun and so good to be doing some form of exercise, especially when it involves a pole.  My ankle was still a bit sore, so it made it difficult to walk on the balls of my feet or point my toes, but I loved being back.  The studio was baking hot – so the first thing was acclimatising and trying to stay cool when I am used to running around trying to warm up!  The poles are higher than the ones at home – the kamikaze part of me loved the extra height.  Following this, I was reminded what it was like when I first started pole.  For the next two days, I had bruises from pole sits and every part of my body was aching.  Since the successful first class, I have also been to a spinning pole class.  

Last weekend was busy and following the pole class, I went off to see some friends I met in the bar across the road play in their band.  Luckily, they are actually fantastic, so no awkward smiles or insincere praise needed!  A great fun and random night.  Got to see a few others bands as it was a competition.  Eclecticus came second.  They were very nice and Canadian about it, I showed some British outrage on their behalf (quietly of course,I didn’t  want to make a scene in Canada).

This week I have learnt a few new Canadianisms.   Firstly, they call tights, leggings and they call leggings, tights.  Secondly, when I say I paddled in the water – as in paddled my feet, they think this means I paddled some sort of water sports-mobil such as a canoe or a paddle board.  This led to me saying, “paddling, you know, as in a paddling pool”.  Well, of course, they don’t call it a paddling pool – its a kiddie pool, so this didn’t help.  I also commented that I had heard before coming here that Canadians don’t get sarcasm.  Now, most people I said this to were outraged (in a nice way, of course) and proceeded to tell me how they get comedy.  I have to say, I have not yet noticed anyone not getting sarcasm until this point.  One chap in the bar said to me, it isn’t that they don’t get sarcasm, maybe that they are offended…. I responded (sarcastically) with a comment about them just going off and crying…. he gave me a very serious explanation about how they don’t go and cry, they might just not like what was said….  

A random observiation – I bought some Mini Eggs as they sell them all year round and they taste different and dont have speckles on them. Why would you not put the speckles on the eggs?!  

The rest of the week has involved pottering, laundry, exploring the shops along the road and handing out CVs (Resumes) everywhere in attempt to get a job – so far unsuccessful, but tomorrow, the quest will continue.  I went to the Nutty Chocolatier that sells British food to see what was occurring.  Amused to see they stock loads of Marks and Spencers stuff!  Among other things such as highly priced Bisto, McVities, Galaxy chocolate and more.

One day, I met a new friend to walk her dogs.  We went to a water treatment plant nearby, by the beach.  It is apparently used in films sometimes as a prison or asylum.  Yesterday, I went for a walk and coffee and some shopping with another new friend who lives next door.  It was really nice to go shopping and chat and do such an every day thing.  We were aiming for a nice stroll back along the beach… out of nowhere, we were caught in a massive thunder storm walking along the beach.  Trying to avoid the lightening, we got soaked to the skin – but it still wasn’t cold.  The weather changes so quickly here.

Today, I finally swam in Lake Ontario.  The beach was roasting, I am roasted – so sunburnt, AGAIN.  The beach was quiet again and the Lake was absolutely freezing, but all limbs were off the sand with just my head above water for a couple of strokes, that counts as swimming right?  This afternoon I went to see a two man band play at a bar down the road and it was nice that I am starting to recognise people now as I am out and about and can say hello and chat a bit to locals.

Earlier on, I accidentally dropped my “Ts” on a word – Canada is rubbing off on me. The day, I find myself saying Torono instead of ToronTo, I will know they have really got me in their grasp. 



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