First day of Freedom

With my new found freedom, life after crutches, I was excited to go to the beach and get in the water.  Unfortunately, armed with lunch, bikini, towel and sunglasses – the sun decided not to show.  I sat and read my book for a bit and paddled my feet in the VERY COLD water and decided to come home.  

With freedom also comes boring tasks made easier, off to the laundrette, or laundromat as they seem to call it.  It is actually quite nice doing laundry as I can sit in the cafe next door, Remarkable Bean, and have a hot chocolate and started the new Peter James book.  The man in the shop asked if I wanted cream on my hot chocolate, my response of ‘why not, in for a penny, in for a pound’ was met with amusement and he was excited to go and tell people his newly learned English phrase!

I was able to do some shopping without having to ask people to carry it for me.  So far, the supermarkets are a bit weird.  Gravy comes in a sachet or a box, my frozen peas came in some sort of box and bag combination, there is no sweet chilli philadelphia and veg and sweetners are very expensive.  No wonder they eat so many Kraft Dinners – along with being delicious, it is ridiculously cheap!

Friday night rapidly approaching and I made an effort to get dressed nicely, do my hair and put make up – feeling like myself again and excited to be heading out to Downtown Toronto for the first time since the unfortunate experience in the University of Toronto.  I hobbled off to the Street Car.  Luckily I get on at the second stop, so I had a seat for the whole ride.  I dont understand how so many people fit on, and it took a stupid amount of time at rush hour (1hr and a half).  30 minutes late and I arrived at the Black Bull pub to meet my new English friend for a drink before heading off to the pole show.  Downtown Toronto has a different atmosphere to The Beach.  A lot more buzzing and I felt excitement.

Chromeageddon was a short walk from the pub at a nightclub called Barcode.  I had hoped I would have met some pole people to go to this with by now, but circumstances messed with this, so I loitered on my own a lot.  In Canada, you have to tip for everything.  So when you buy a drink at a bar, you pay the drink price, then they add tax, then you have to tip 15-20% on top of this.  I realised I had not checked if this was the same in nightclubs.  Totally not cool, but I needed to know, so I asked a Canadian at the bar.  It is.  I find this whole tipping thing weird and awkward.  My maths isnt brilliant for a start.  

The pole show was fantastic.  Great music and performances were immense.  Most of them were a lot more energetic than the last show I went to.  They were also a lot more sexy pole.  Amazing strength and performances and just made me want to go home and do something fitness based.  I chatted to some people who had some things that needed clearing up, such as what does the expression ‘taking the mick’ mean and why do we say ‘front garden’ instead of ‘front yard’.   Lots of split moves in the performances – dropping to splits and Jades, I kept hoping for a Death Lay, but noone did one.  Always on the look out for my favourite move, the Remi – I was not disappointed when someone did a Remi Extreme on a spinning pole.  Lots of transitions that I havent seen or tried before, so am keeping an eye out for the uploads to take some geeky pole notes.

Back up to the pub where where Laurens room mate had joined her for a few more drinks and then home on the Street Car.  Everyone on the Street Car home seemed to have amazing smelling take aways.  It runs 24 hours a day which is handy and only took 30 mins to get home.  

Today has been spent in as ankle was hurting after all the excitement.  I have booked a pole class for tomorrow, so want it to be well rested.  All in all though, yesterday as an exciting day of mobility – Now I am in Canada!


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