Off to ‘Emerge’

I think an update is definitely overdue. So much seems to have happened since my last proper post, even though not a lot has! Its more of a mental shift.

After a nice couple of days on the beach, I pretty much hit ankle rock bottom. I had a nightmare trying to get an appointment at the fracture clinic and my referral kept getting lost. Hands were bruised and just getting up was so much effort. I spent a few days not leaving the apartment until the evening to go to the pub. All day every day watching Dexter on Netflix.  I got to the point of checking the prices for flights home.  Without a few certain people I would not be sane. The locals in the pub, helped me have fun in the evenings and, after the pub was time for everyone at home to be getting up for work – much appreciated Whatsapp banter! My room mate is always there to help with the stupid crutches and my new English friend came down to the beach one day.

From my bed, I did manage to order an online food shop, after sun, bedding, towels and a fan (my room mate calls a fan a ventilator – she speaks a million langugages but this just makes me think of hospitals!). Paid for most of it with my English cards/ Paypal getting a great exchange rate. Just got to wait for my parcels now.

On Thursday, it was time to get a grip. I made a packed lunch and charged my ipad ready for a day at A&E (they call it Emerge here, you cant just say half a word and expect people to know what it is!). I went to Toronto East General Hospital and they were fantastic. I was amused that everyone is asked loudly by a lady with a microphone what is wrong with them and if they have diarrhoea.  Confidentiality eat your heart out! Another $550 dollars later and I was sent off to see a lovely nurse. She wasnt expecting me to burst into tears – not just a small outburst, this was a fill on snotty crying about everything situation. She put me in a side room on my own to wait for the doctor! She was so nice and kept coming to check on me. When the doctors arrived, I had my feet up on the bed reading my Kindle app – Aisleyne: Surviving Guns, Gangs and Glamour (Big Brother) got me through! I tweeted her to say I had finished and got a Tweet back.  Winner!  Now for the big news… They looked at the xrays and said its not broken! My whole mindset changed at that moment. It still hurts a lot, but now I am allowed to walk on it! I am hobbling, and it will be a long time before I can run, but I can walk!  I can make a cup of tea and carry it to my bed or the sofa without having to put it in a flask and then in my bag! 



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