Help X Review

Following my stay on the farm, Help X asks you to write reviews on each other for other hosts and helpers to read.  A nice review from Trish 🙂  

Caroline stayed with us for her first week in Canada. She was a big help in the garden and cooked us a lovely English dinner.

She is a very fit gal and worked exceptionally hard in my huge garden. I appreciated her strength and perseverance. If we had to edge one more flower bed or pull one more weed I might have screamed but Caroline look it all with good grace. We got so much accomplished in the short time she was with us. 

Our other two guests from Germany enjoyed working with her.

My four grandchildren enjoyed spending time with her. A trip to Wonderland proved to be more eventful than we had anticipated. The water pistol fight in the garden was the highlight of a visit by my grandsons. It proves that one can be a professional in one part of life but given the right circumstance the little kid is still there. 

Caroline was a delight to host.



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