The reason I moved to The Beaches

Ive had some fun times this week and met a great bunch of people, but it has to be said that yesterday is the day that I got to see why I chose The Beaches area to live in… The beach is less than five minutes from the apartment I would say (for an able bodied human being, about 15 mins on crutches in this heat). 

The beach is really quiet at this end and is on Lake Ontario.  I am told that you can see the spray from Niagara Falls accross the water on a clear day.  I havent yet managed to get close enough to the water, but will check this out when I can!  This bit of the beach is right next to an off the ‘leash’ area dogs – so many dogs! They are all really chubby as well compared to dogs at home.  I can also see the CN Tower from here.

Sand and hopping does not work, crutches and the boardwalk doesn’t work either as my good foot slips on the small covering of sand.  I therefore have to plonk awkwardly close to the boardwalk path.

Lots of friendly people to chat to around on the beach, met a pair of lovely teachers – one is moving to England when her house sells.  I am not entirely sure why she wants to go to Sheffield, but they were lovely.  One weird man came and chatted – picked up on the 12 step recovery vibe pretty quickly.  He said I am without knowledge if I dont believe in it and that I am a child of Satan!  I suggested I will continue playing in Satans playground so God has more time to look after him.  Weirdo preacher.

One strange thing is the people wearing jeans and jumpers, or ‘sweaters’ as they say.  It is baking hot.  Sweltering.  They say, oh its not that hot, its not bikini weather.  It is late 20s.  It is bikini weather!  There are people running – one person even stopped, did star jumps and then continued.  Its too hot for my ipad to even work, let alone go running.  A big motivator for moving here was running in this area, but again, its too hot.

Today I brought bikini bottoms, but wasnt sure it was as hot.  Didnt think it through – had to change on the beach. Now its all very well thinking this would be easy on a quiet beach with a skirt, but a man came and sat quite close to me part way through the changing process – cue 45 mins feeling awkward wearing a skirt and nothing underneath.   Not what you need in this heat when you just want to relax.  Luckily, bikini bottoms installed and sunbathing commenced.  Phew.     




2 thoughts on “The reason I moved to The Beaches

  1. You are the complete other side of Toronto to us (we are in the west end near the lake) but I love the Beaches 🙂 It looks like you’ve settled in well so far!


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