Weird things in Canada

They say – stroller, not pram, chips, not crisps, cooler, not alcopop, apartment, not flat, room mate, not flat mate, cops, not police and cabs, not taxis, oh and I think I already mentioned sweater, not jumper.  I have also been told to definitely use the word eraser if I wanted to draw anything, not rubber…

They serve cans in bars

Cannabis use is very open

They dont understand the phrases – ‘ticked all the boxes’ or ‘hang fire’

The public transport is very expensive and it just costs $3 to go anywhere regardless of if its 1 stop or 3 hours

A lot of them seem to think I am Australian, when I say England, the standard response is, ‘oh, are you from London?’

They greet everyone with ‘Hey, how are you?’ – this seems to apply to texting as well

Apparently, there arent actually many bears, moose or beavers around here

They pay tax separately on everything.  The price you see is not the price you pay.  

You have to tip bar staff – it considered really rude if you dont

They call money loonies and toonies – this is a one or two dollar coin.  I think because there is a loon bird on the one dollar coin

Lastly, it is true what people say – they are all ridiculously nice, I am not sure when my constant amazement at this will wear off!

Their streets are all really long.  You have to say the junction that it crosses with because if you just say a street it could be miles long.  So instead of saying Efford Lane, they would say Efford and Torridge meaning the area around where the two streets meet.


6 thoughts on “Weird things in Canada

  1. The junction thing really throws me too, and it’s so unhelpful if you aren’t driving! People also give me directions like “go west to x”, when I have no idea which way i’m facing haha.

    I like all your comparisons, but I find the public transport ridiculously cheap here (compared to the south east in England, anyway). It’s something like 1.50GBP for a 2 hour journey… I used to pay 4GBP each way for the bus (a 10 minute journey to my work) and almost 30GBP return every time I went to London (less than an hour away).


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