First few days at The Beaches

The move on Monday went well and I am all moved in to a lovely apartment by the beach.  I havent actually seen the beach yet, but this is on the list to do soon.  My roommate is lovely and had her boyfriend here to help get my bags up the stairs when I arrived.  After the washing situation at the university room, I was pretty excited to have a hot bath and soak my aching arms.  Nathalie is really helpful and even though I am quite noisy hopping or tapping around with the crutches, she doesnt seem to find me a burden.  She makes chocolate – it tastes amazing.
Fireworks – well I attempted to go to the Victoria Day fireworks just at the beach further down the road.  It seemed like the Barbican on a Bank Holiday Sunday.  I got a cab down and he didnt know where the pub I was supposed to be meeting people at was.  He suggested I get out and walk ‘that way’ he said pointing at darkness.  Pretty annoyed by now, I asked him to just take me Tim Hortons.  After declining his attempts to drop me at a Second Cup or a Starbucks, I made it and the milk shake machine was broken.  Made it to a buger shop, got a milkshake, made a friend and came home.  

Since this, I have managed to go and get some shopping – the supermarket people were happy to follow me around with a basket again.  I went to a garden centre and bought two cute little mini roses for my window sill in my room and some tape to put my pictures up.  After being unable to find blu tac in about 3 shops, I nearly resorted to toothpaste a la HMP.  I have used the public transport and got a street car (a bus thats attached to a wire above the road).  A lady on it gave me her phone number and offered to get me shopping and help me if I need anything.

Gym – I went for a free trial at the Good Life gym yesterday.  They have Les Mills classes and all the same equipment as Nuffers.  They also have a hand bike and a sunbed.  They also gave me a free motivational book on Living the Good Life, a guide to health and suggess.  I met a nice lady there who go to Bridge Club in the pub accross the road from me.  Friendly, but I need to check out the rest of the gymmers to see if they have anything on the Nuffield folk.  There was an Irish guy there who came on an IEC visa and is now applying for residency.  He suggested I join the Irish in Toronto group on Facebook to meet people – I tried a few months ago and they kicked me out for being English!!

The dreaded ankle – went to the walk in clinic and told another four weeks at least with the stupid boot and crutches and have a referral to the fracture clinic.  I have blisters on my hands.

Found a nice pub accross the road by the street car stop.  Have had two adventures there so far and found a whole load of regular goers that have kept me occupied for the last two afternoons/ evenings.  Last night was a bit crazy for a Wednesday night.  Smirnoff is served in a can in pubs.  Weird.  Tequila shots were the beginning of the end, whisky shots with lots of ‘welcome to Canadas’ took it down a level and spiced Malibu was the final nail in the coffin.  Crutches and alcohol do not mix well and the short walk home was pretty wobbly – luckily I had a door to door escort.  Today I have been unable to face going out with crutches, a hangover and hand blisters.  Stayed in and looked for jobs and got the insurance claim form sent off.  Also cancelled the rest of the stuff I had booked as wont be able to go to Kingston or the Jail Hostel in Ottwata in two weeks now.
I have found a comedy night a few stops down the road on the street car to go to tomorrow, got another comedy night in the diary with some folks in a few weeks and an invite to a gig at the end of the month and have perfected my Canadian accent when saying ‘hey, how are you?’.  



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