From the sofa

Following my last post, I have been to the hospital.  After a good few hours in various waiting areas and following x-rays on Thursday evening, they have confirmed that I tore my ligament and my ligament kindly pulled some bone along for the ride and broke it.  The hospital kindly charged me $750 dollars before I could be seen and then sold me crutches and an air boot for a further $150.  This has to be paid up front and then claimed back on travel insurance.  Travel insurance claim form looks very through and wants loads of documents.  Just the thought of trying to find a copy shop and organise printing and copying and sending everything is making me tired.  I will address this after I have been back to have my ankle looked at again on Tuesday as no doubt they will ask me for more money.  

Yesterday was a very grumpy day on the sofa.  Nothing I recognised on the TV added to the irritation until I found Ellen.  The afternoon was passed with Holby City on IPlayer and looking for flats and jobs.  Trishs, Bill, Mellina and Simone have been helping me up and downstairs and bringing me drinks.

The level of annoyance is high right now, but less than yesterday.  So frustrated that I have the stupid crutches and it’s taking me forever to do anything.  The thought of going in to Toronto later today with a hotel for one night and then nothing is pretty daunting.  Before this, it was exciting and I was all ready for hiking around the city viewing flats and getting a feel for different areas.  Now, I will be swinging around on crutches with taxis.  Trish is going to drop me to the hotel later as there is no way I could have got there with all my luggage on the bus.  

Flats – I will stay a second night I the hotel on Sunday and hopefully find a room to move to on Monday.  Tomorrow I have a few viewings lined up in The Beaches area of Toronto.  Hopefully then I can hang out on the beach while my ankle is in the cast.  Job hunting has changed from bars and restaurants to call centres – I may as well be working while I can’t trek around the city and I will be spending more money on taxis than intended now.

Waiting to see what the doctors say on Tuesday before cancelling any bookings, but pretty sure there are a few things I will need to change now.  This includes eating.  I have been working my way through the different chocolate bars,  but now it looks like I will be on a cup a soup, toast and hot chocolate diet.  Veg will be challenging with no one to help me shop as I can’t carry stuff easily.

Fellow Brits that are coming to Canada or are in Toronto are keeping me going sending messages and still wanting to meet up despite me now being a bit of a burden.  I can meet people for stationary activities. Or boat trips I guess!  I am also grateful for night feeds so I had Kim to message whilst in the hospital.  I am hopefully going to some fireworks on the beach on Monday for Victoria Day which is a public holiday here with a fellow IECer.

This evening, I have the Canadian Aerial Championships in Toronto.  Trish told me about an app called Uber where you get taxis that are driven by people not taxis , so they are cheaper.  This is good as they don’t seem to be much more than the public transport so I can book these while I need them.  I am determined to go tonight, so I can book one of these and the theatre said that they are accessible on crutches.  Sunday’s pole class will not be as easily fixed and will have to wait.

Trishs friend brought a Timmys hot chocolate to the sofa for me today to cheer me up and her sister has been keeping me company and adding things to my Toronto to do list.  Trishs sister, Donna, also brought a lovely little dog who has been sitting with me and brought me a piece of dog biscuit that she left by me.  It isn’t Mr Jinx but she is still cute.



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