Wonderland and wheelchairs

Todays adventure: heading for Wonderland.  A big theme park like Alton Towers.  I should have known things wouldnt go to plan when I stabbed the top of my foot on a branch before we even left the house.   Theme parks are not my first choice of entertainment I must admit, but whilst in Canada… and I like pottering and a day out with some of the smaller rides.

So, Trish dropped Melina, Simone, two of her grandchildren and me off at the park just as it opened.  Big rides, gorgeous sunshine and hardly any queues as it is a school day.  Parents dont get fined here for taking the kids of out school though, so Vail and Neva had a day off.

I decided to skip the giant rides they went on first and ease my way in to the day.  Stepping off a rock to get a photo of them on one of the rides an hour after arriving I fell on my ankle and stained it again. The girls went to find a medic and an ambulance arrived.  Embarassing.  They put me on a gurney.  Now, not just put me on a gurney, but strapped me on as well!  I have never been in an ambulance before, but now is not the time I wanted to try it.  I had all my vitals checked and they put me in the sun outside the health centre with ice and a bandaged ankle.  I told the girls to get me at lunch time and settled down with the only entertainment I had – Holby City on IPlayer.  The park has no wifi.  Thank god for Holby!  Nick from the health centre kept checking on me and they were so nice.  Took a selfie in the ambulance.

 The girls came to collect me, still unable to walk, so we got a wheelchair as they didnt have any crutches.  Tanned shoulders and nice ride around the theme park as they very sweetly insisted on pushing me.  I managed to go on one ride – a giant swinging boat which was fun.  

 Food – Subway is different here but delicious – steak and cheese roll for lunch.  We also crossed Beaver Tail off my list of foods to try and I had an Avalanche cheesecake one – like a flat crunchy doughnut base but rolled out like a pizza base with white chocolate paste and chocolate and caramel chunks on top.  I also tried another Canadian delicacy – Funnel cake.  Again, the base is made out of spaghetti shapped deep fried doughnut type of stuff and it has different toppings – we had ice sugar and whippy ice cream.  A succesful food outing topped off with a ‘Timmys’.  

 A note on the wheel chair – people looked at me differently, it was hard to navigate and at one point I had to park up elsewere to wait for my food as I was blocking the queue.  On the brightside, I was happy parked up anywhere in the sunshine with my seat.  Also, when i did try to wheel myself, it was really hard work. I need to not eat amy more funnel cake or beaver tails!  It is easier to use the good leg to create mobility Flintstone style.


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