Departure day

After a pretty poor nights sleep, I awoke this morning feeling tired and without the excitement I felt I should be displaying.  At least I will be tired and hopefully have a little snooze on the plane later.  Day started with a goodbye to the sibling, a fry up in the hotel and off to the airport.  Lots of lovely messages and pictures wishing me luck kept me occupied on the journey to Gatwick.  Thank god for parents to help carry the bags for the trek to check in.  This is the first point I was glad I upgraded with Air Transat to Option Plus as we bypassed a huge queue to the priority check in and went straight to the desk.  Made the most of my 32kg luggage allowance and checked in 31.4kg – I may live to regret this!  A quick beverage with the parents and off to security.  No long goodbyes, they both appeared to be swiftly losing composure.
I pottered the airport for 20 mins or so and headed to the boarding gate – this involved a rather long wait due to the gates for boarding being stuck shut.  I made friends with some Canadians who assured me that Orangeville and Hockley Valley are lovely – great to hear.  They took me under their wing all the way to the plane.  Again, priority boarding due to the upgrade so I had plenty of time to settle before the plane filled up.  Lots of space in my seat as well which is ace.  The Canadians tell me they have never seen a bear near Toronto, I remain optimistic about a sighting.

I see what people mean about Canadians already – ridiculously helpful flight attendants and the passengers all seem to be helping each other with their bags etc!  Obviously have the standard overweight gobby Brit up ahead – he is sat next to the New Yorker.  This might be entertaining.

On the plane – have already managed to mess up both dates on my Declaration card by writing them in UK date format.  I fear the scribbles on forms may become a regular thing.  Headphones in ready to watch Cinderella on my TV and I have my Comfort Plus pack with a mini bottle of sparkling wine and a little bag with a blanket in, and maybe some other stuff, I shall investigate after dinner. (Okay, I didn’t wait until dinner, there is an inflatable pillow and and an eye mask in there as well, exciting times with Air Transat)

They just drew the curtains to separate my section from the First Class folks – I am chuckling and wish I had the film Bridesmaids to watch!!

Just over four hours to go….

I have watched Cinderella and last nights Eastenders.  Been to the loo – can’t get fat if I want to fly home with this airline! Tiniest loo I have ever been in! And just had dinner – absolutely delicious – orange chicken with rice, bread roll and a large piece of maple syrup flavoured fudge.  There was also a questionable cold item that looked like it had beans in it in a tub – I did not open it for further investigation.  Also, offered more alcohol, declined the wine. Took a diet coke.

Two and a half hours to go….

Watched the whole series of Siblings.  Never seen it before, laugh out loud funny.  Would like someone to bring some more food round now.  Pretty bored.  On the bright side, I just looked out of the window and can see land.  Land with snow and ice on it!  We are flying over Newfoundland.  The baby with the New Yorkers won’t stop screaming.  Estimated arrival time 2.48pm Canada time.  Drank some more of my sparking wine.  As an FYI if you wear ear phones for 5 hours, it hurts you ears.

An hour and a half to go…

I have been given pizza, a dairy milk and another diet coke.  My book as been pretty entertaining and supported my desire to go canoeing and see bears, perhaps not quite to the extent that these guys did it though!    “How to canoe in Canada, almost get killed by Rapids, eaten by polar bears, have your blood sucked out by Mosquitos, and other fun stuff.”

30 mins to go….

A lady just brought around a tray of mints.  Apparently it is nearly 30 degrees in Toronto today.  Glad I packed sun cream and have flip flops in my hand luggage (along with a scarf, gloves and long socks – it’s the Girl Guide in me!).  I don’t have any after sun, so that is on my to do list along with a bank account, a mobile phone and a job.  Oh and somewhere to live!  Excited to get there now and can’t wait to meet Trish at the airport and get to the farm…. Fingers crossed I get through the airport hassle free….

Given the flight length, this post has turned out to be pretty lengthy and I’m not convinced it covers a great deal beyond the in flight refreshments.  Doing nothing but watch, read and eat has proven to be as tiring as sunbathing is…  Is it bedtime yet?

Seats and trays in the upright position, here goes….


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